Ride Sharing Companies Get Caught Up In Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban — Here Is Why TONS Of People Are Deleting Their Uber Accounts!

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Look out, Uber and Lyft — your politics are entrance front and core in light of Donald Trump‘s immigration ban!

Thousands of people opposite America are actively deletion their Uber accounts — and posting to amicable media about it — while picking adult Lyft, instead, and it all has to do with that awful executive sequence a President sealed on Friday night.

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It all started during New York’s JFK Airport over a weekend; cab companies — many of whom have drivers hailing from a 7 countries privately named in Trump’s Muslim anathema — walked out and refused to do newcomer pickups, as we can see (below):


But Uber didn’t stop — and amicable media reports on a belligerent indicated during a time that Uber drivers were rolling right by a boycott, picking adult passengers and not display oneness with their cab counterparts opposite Trump.

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And now, it looks like Uber is going to compensate for it — HARD.

First, it came in a form of a really open protest of a association on amicable media, only some of that we can see (below):


And it gets even improved — since Lyft responded in a best, many American way.

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Here’s an email patrician “Defending a values” that they sent out to all business early Sunday morning (below):

“This weekend, Trump sealed a country’s borders to refugees, immigrants, and even documented residents from around a universe formed on their nation of origin. Banning people of a sold faith or creed, competition or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering a U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft’s and a nation’s core values. We mount resolutely opposite these actions, and will not be wordless on issues that bluster a values of a community.

“We know this directly impacts many of a village members, their families, and friends. We mount with you, and are donating $1,000,000 over a subsequent 4 years to a ACLU to urge a constitution. We ask that we continue to be there for any other – and together, continue proof a energy of community.

John Logan

Lyft Co-Founders”


That is a ONE MILLION DOLLAR concession from a Lyft folks over a march of 4 years — a truly considerable achievement! We positively adore it!!

#DumpTrump #DeleteUber

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