RHOP’s Monique Samuels Tells Her 2 Kids About Her Pregnancy: ‘Cat’s Out of a Bag!’

Monique Samuels was hoping to make it to a six-month symbol in her pregnancy before she told daughter Milani, 3, and son Christopher, 5, about their sibling-to-be.

But all that seemed to go out a window Tuesday.

“The cat’s out of a bag!” the Real Housewives of Potomac star, 34, wrote on Instagram, captioning a video of Milani and Christopher as they schooled a good news.

“[Christoper] asked if there was a baby in my tummy! we immediately started recording a convo!” she exampled. “My stupid kids can't understanding with this critical convo .”

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They certain couldn’t. In a video, a darling hermit and sister — both dressed in their pajamas — are all laughs, giggling and personification with any other as they catch a news.

“I’m excited! we wish a brother,” Christoper says.

“I wish a sister! Then I’m going to be grown-ups. I’m going to feed it with milk,” Milani says.

Dad Chris Samuels is there too, teasing Milani about changing diapers. “Ewww that’s a misfortune part,” Christopher says as his sister laughs.

Monique and Chris Samuels, with daughter Milani and son Christoper

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Monique announced in Jun that she and Chris are expecting another baby together — due Dec. 3. It was generally good news deliberation the unpleasant miscarriage Monique suffered final year.

She told PEOPLE progressing this month about her skeleton to keep a pregnancy hush-hush from Milani and Christopher.

“Kids are so impatient, so we don’t wish them to feel like they’re watchful perpetually and ever for this baby,” Monique explained. “If they come out and ask, apparently I’ll contend something.”

“But when we was profound with Milani, we didn’t tell Christopher until we was around 6 and a half months pregnant. we like to do it when I’m serve along,” she said, adding with a laugh, “They will bug me about it nonstop too, seeking me all sorts of questions. we need a break.”

Monique Samuels

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As for a baby-to-be’s sex, Monique suggested she and Chris are watchful to find out. “It’ll be a surprise,” she shared. “With my dual kids, we waited until we pushed to find out a sex. We like to know then.”

That doesn’t meant she doesn’t have instincts — and ones that are customarily right, too. “Early on in my pregnancies, we always get this feeling about what I’m carrying,” she recalled. “So distant I’m dual for two.”

She added, “I felt like Christopher was a child … we felt like Milani was a lady … and right now, I’m really feeling like this baby is a boy. There are a lot of similarities to my pregnancy with Christopher. We won’t know until Dec though.”

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