Rejoice! This Yummy Starbucks Frappuccino Isn’t Themed After a Mythical Creature

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If we hold off on grouping a unicorn, dragon, mermaid, or narwhal Frappuccinos during Starbucks given we felt silly, your time has come: a latest solidified provide from a coffee sequence has zero to do with fabulous creatures. Unfortunately for all of us, though, a yummy-sounding Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino was usually accessible during Japanese Starbucks locations as a anniversary offering, and a run has given ended. We’re kicking ourselves for not finding it earlier, as a mandarin mango tea sounds like prime in a cup, and it’s accurately as photogenic as you’d wish from a Frappuccino!

In a examination of a splash and a hot-tea counterpart, RocketNews24 describes a solidified chronicle as “creamy and filled with crunchy surprises.” Those crunchy surprises come from toasted coconut pieces that are blended into a accepted mix of mango and coconut and also bedecked on tip of a churned cream. “The initial sip took us to summer in a tropics, with a coconut-mango-mandarin mix singing out with pleasant flavors, that were masterfully offset in each mouthful,” praises a review. Why contingency we woe us so?

This isn’t a initial international Starbucks drink we’ve lusted after; remember a Japanese Cherry Pie Frappuccino that had a internet drooling? Scroll on to see juicy photos of a mandarin splash and suppose what could have been if this splash had done a approach opposite a pond. If we need us, we’ll be great in a corner.

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