Recently Released WWE Star Claims He’s Retiring, Takes Shot At Wrestler For Criminal Record

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was venting on Twitter yesterday. Swann was apparently undone over not being means to get requisitioned by some eccentric wrestling promoters and took a shot during CZW wrestler Nick Gage, who was condemned to 5 years in jail in 2010 for a bank robbery. Swann wrote, “Oh we cant a indicted chairman on a show….oh lets get this bank pirate on lol”

That led to this sell with Gage:

Backstage News On WWE Locker Room Reaction To Rich Swann's Arrest

Swann was arrested and charged for fake imprisonment/kidnapping and misconduct battery (touching or striking) after an occurrence with his mother Vannarah Riggs, who now works for Impact Wrestling as Su Yung, in mid-December. Swann was pushing a automobile with Riggs and apparently began to critique her opening during a wrestling uncover progressing in a night. Swann presumably got indignant and Riggs jumped out of a automobile since she was disturbed that a evidence was going to escalate. Swann allegedly stopped a automobile in trade and yelled for her to lapse before putting her in a headlock and boring her behind to a vehicle. The automobile was apparently not in park, and it crashed into a write pole. Swann denied physically touching Riggs and a integrate reconciled shortly after. Riggs also chimed in on Twitter yesterday, tweeting:

Swann after claimed that he would be timid after fulfilling his stream bookings, nonetheless he could be joking. He wrote:

Ryan Lindon and Rich Duckk contributed to this article.