Real Madrid could be tip if everybody was during my level, says Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo says Real Madrid could be heading a Spanish joining if everybody on a group was during his level.

After a 1-0 home detriment to opposition Atletico Madrid on Saturday probably finished a team’s chances of winning a title, Ronaldo criticized Spanish media for blaming him for a team’s bad performances and pronounced that things could be opposite if others players were personification like him.

“It bothers me when it’s pronounced that Madrid is struggling since Cristiano is struggling. It feels like we are after me,” Ronaldo said. “If everybody was during my level, maybe we would be in initial place.”

The Portuguese striker after attempted to downplay his comments, revelation internal media he was referring to his “physical level.”

“I’m not improved than anyone,” he said. “I was articulate about a earthy level, about a injuries.”

Speaking quietly in a singular coming in front of reporters after a diversion during Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Ronaldo clearly voiced his restlessness with how he’s being treated by Spanish media.

“A lot of times we are unfair, we ask me (tough) questions and we doubt my value,” he said, regulating a few expletives. “It’s always been like this in Spain, all these years. By your indicate of view, it looks like I’m personification like (expletive). And in reality, a numbers don’t lie, statistics never lie. Just demeanour during a statistics, it’s easy.”

Ronaldo had 9 goals in a team’s prior 7 matches entering Saturday’s derby, including 7 in his final 3 games during a Bernabeu. He consumed a few good chances on Saturday, though, and final week missed a wilful chastisement flog in a 1-1 joining outcome during Malaga.

Ronaldo pronounced a deficiency of harmed starters was what was gripping Real Madrid from contending in a Spanish league.

“Unfortunately we are though a best players. That creates things some-more difficult,” Ronaldo said. “I’m not critical a other players, though if a group doesn’t play with a best players, it’s tough to win a prolonged foe like this one.”

Real Madrid has been though Gareth Bale and Pepe since of injuries, and on Saturday manager Zinedine Zidane also could not count on left behind Marcelo. Striker Karim Benzema returned to a patrol after blank a diversion since of a behind problem, though had to be replaced during halftime.

“I like when I’m personification with these players,” Ronaldo said. “And when they are not playing, it creates all some-more difficult.”

After 26 rounds, Real Madrid is 4 points behind Atletico Madrid and 9 points behind personality Barcelona, that hosts Sevilla on Sunday with a possibility to tie Real Madrid’s record of 34 dominant games in all competitions set in 1988-89.

“We will keep fighting, though we have some-more hopes in a Champions League,” Ronaldo said. “It’s a foe we start from blemish like everybody else. But, like we said, if we don’t have a best players, we are not going to win it.”