Rati Agnihotri remembers Shashi Kapoor: He was like an addiction

shashi kapoor and rati agnihotri in pighalta aasmaanshashi kapoor and rati agnihotri in pighalta aasmaan Rati Agnihotri and Shashi Kapoor in a still from Pighalta Aasmaan. (Photo Source: Express Archive)

After conference a news of Shashi Kapoor’s death, Rati Agnihotri voiced good sadness. She said, “Well, we am intensely unhappy and we consider he and a place that he had in a film attention is intensely irreplaceable. His flitting is going to emanate a large blank since he was a many romantic, desirable and large chairman we had seen on shade all these years. There are many attractive heroes today, though there is usually one Shashi Kapoor. He will be missed, not usually as a good actor though as a excellent gentleman.”

Since she had worked with him, Rati common sum on since Shashi was such a sought-after actor. She said, “He was a chairman who had this clarity of discipline. The whole attention used to say, ‘Shashi Kapoor jaisa aadmi hona chaahiye.’ Through his career, in his ups and downs, what kept him going was a fact that he was such a nice, constant and trained person, and his career never wained since of that. He was honestly a good person, and his friendships and relations simulate that.”

rati agnihotri on shashi kapoor flitting awayrati agnihotri on shashi kapoor flitting away Rati Agnihotri and Shashi Kapoor.

Sharing her observations from a sets, she said, “On sets, he was such a pleasure to have around. we have never seen him displaying ego, opinion or audacity ever. He was unequivocally comfortable and witty, that is since we theory everybody wanted to work with him. He was like an addiction. People who worked with him once kept wanting to work with him some-more since we wanted people like that to work with. People who are so amiable, trained and driven. If people unequivocally wish to remember him and give a reverence to him, afterwards all actors should learn his qualities.”

Recalling her personal favourite memory, Rati Agnihotri said, “What we remember some-more is many many years ago there was a film where Shashi Kapoor was a hero, and we was selected as a womanlike lead. we had pronounced that we didn’t wish to do that film as we was still completing my studies. we took a mangle and finished my graduation while working. This was before Trishul. Then we happened to accommodate him somewhere and he asked me since we wasnt doing a film. we told him that ‘Mujhe filmon mein kaam nahi karna (I don’t wish to work in films)’ and we wish to investigate and that we am not meddlesome in movies. After that when we got together for Trishul, he said, ‘Acchha filmon mein kaam nahi karna tha na, a gayi na ab line pe waapas! (oh we didn’t wish to work in films, right? And now we are back!)’. And we didn’t know what to tell him. we was still doing my studies, and we told him that we still wish to investigate though we am doing films also. And that once we am finished with my studies, we will pursue serve studies. And he laughed, he pronounced he’ll see what we do. Well, he was right, we am still around, bargain and enjoying films. Today, we am unequivocally feeling unhappy that we didn’t spend most some-more time with him in his final days. He had invited me over for dinner. we suspicion he was doing it out of formality, though currently we feel we should have left and met him.”

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