Rasika Dugal learnt Kashmiri chapter for Hamid

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Actor Rasika Dugal took debate lessons from a Kashmiri crony for her purpose in ‘Hamid’. Set opposite a backdrop of Kashmir, ‘Hamid’ has been shot in places like Srinagar and Tangmarg. It deals with a stream flighty unfolding in a state.

“I went to a sharpened plcae a week before we commenced filming and before that we took some assistance from a Kashmiri actor crony who lives in Mumbai. It’s always tough to be authentic to a segment while still vocalization in Hindi (since a film is in Hindi), if it’s not a primary denunciation of a region,” Rasika pronounced in a statement.

“In fact, infrequently we feel it’s worse than training an whole new language. Because we have to find a approach to pronounce Hindi that people in that segment do and since it’s not a many oral denunciation there, there is not one approach though many opposite ways in that people from a same segment might pronounce it.

So, we have to find something that is authentic nonetheless distinct to a essentially Hindi vocalization audience,” she added. ‘Hamid’ has been constructed by Yoodlee Films and destined by Aijaz Khan.

The film is formed on a attribute between a widowed mom and a immature son who loses his father in a disturbance set in a backdrop of Kashmir.

Rasika Dugal was earkier seen in cinema like ‘Anwar’, ‘Hijaak’, ‘Tahaan’, ‘Agyaat’ and others.  She will also be seen in Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Rishi Kapoor starrer ‘Manto’.

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