Ranji Trophy: This Mumbai group has ammunition, says Sachin Tendulkar

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He competence have late from all forms of a diversion though Sachin Tendulkar has not missed to get updates from his dear Mumbai group this season. As Mumbai applaud their 41st Ranji title, Tendulkar talks about a win, his mentorship and because Shreyas Iyer and Shardul Thakur should not remove their focus. Excerpts:

How do we rate Mumbai’s performance?

It was a illusory performance. we have been following their swell all a way. we watched today’s whole day. Whenever we was out travelling, we spoke to Chandu (Chandrakant Pandit) or other players. They have played good as a group and there have been a few people who have achieved unequivocally good via a season. Above all they played as a team. The biggest instance is today. The final partnership put us in a illusory position. For me a morning partnership was a break impulse of a game. After a 35-run lead we suspicion we were going neck to neck, though that 100-run partnership altered everything. It altered a mindset above all. We started meditative differently and they started meditative differently.

You have been articulate to these players, what questions did they ask you?

I spent some time with Shreyas (Iyer), Surya (Kumar Yadav), Dhawal Kulkarni and Shardul Thakur. we spoke to Sidesh Lad also about his grip. It will be improved if we ask them than me floating my possess wail that we did this and that. we enjoyed pity my knowledge and what we saw in a nets during batting or bowling, where they can get better. What are a areas they can make some changes that could help. It is only about tweaking certain things, here and there and not totally changing them. Little bit of tweaking can move out those results. We discussed how to consider and what to do during that stage, and some technical stuff.

How do we rate this garland of players?

When we spoke to these guys we could see a hint in them. The ammunition is there, with knowledge they will learn how to play together. They have proven that. The one good thing about this group is they all are young, they will continue to play together for utterly some time. More or reduction that core is set.

Is this new generation’s character unequivocally different, are they some-more attacking?

There are a few people who proceed a diversion differently, though not all of them. Earlier also we had players who batted differently. The advantage of introduction of T20 is many of a batters know how to go after a bowlers. Today we saw a remarkable change of rigging when Lad was batting and when Ballu (Balwinder Singh Sandhu) came to bat with him. He had no choice other than to go after large shots. Suddenly, it altered his footwork, his bat swing, his physique denunciation that had a unequivocally clever outcome on a opposition. A unequivocally clever summary was conveyed there when he dealt in sixes and boundaries. That is unequivocally interjection to T20 cricket.

Talking of T20 cricket, we saw dual players currently — Pujara who doesn’t have an IPL contract, and Shreyas who has. Do we consider a new era will collect aggressive proceed than a defensive?

No really, we wouldn’t go by that. Don’t forget that Pujara has finished unequivocally good during general turn with a same style. It’s like a palm, all fingers are not a same. Each finger is used for a opposite purpose. As prolonged as they come together and form a challenging force that is what is important. The beauty is we will have opposite form of characters who proceed things differently, as prolonged as a target, a end for everybody is a same. we don’t wish everybody to bat in a same style.

How do we see Iyer and Thakur moulding up. Where do we feel they are heading?

Very good, we don’t constantly keep revelation them that we have to play for India. That will happen. After performances, a outcome will solemnly go in that direction. Important thing is to not put vigour on them though concede them to play freely. Results will follow. Final end for everybody is to play for India. They have shown a lot of promise. Right now we will like to concentration what they have achieved and conclude it now. Instead of thinking, oh, we should right now play for India.