Rajinikanth: Kamal Haasan is not my enemy

 kamal haasan and rajinikanth during nadigar sangam protest kamal haasan and rajinikanth during nadigar sangam protest Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth during a protest.

Superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday assimilated his colleagues in Chennai in a wordless criticism organized by a South Indian Artistes’ Association (SIAA), popularly famous as Nadigar Sangam. The criticism is celebrated in support of ongoing agitations in Tamil Nadu for a structure of a Cauvery Management Board (CBM) and opposite a Sterlite copper plant in Thoothukudi.

Before streamer out to a protest, Rajinikanth quickly addressed a media outward his chateau during a Poes Garden and done some discerning comments about a dire domestic issues of a state.

Expressing his unhappiness about a Centre’s check in implementing a Apex Court judgment, Rajinikanth said, “The Centre is wasting time instead of combining a Cauvery house as per a Supreme Court directions. I’d like to tell a Centre that, what each Tamilan unanimously wants is CBM. If we don’t set adult a house during a earliest, we will be subjected to a annoy and beating of each Tamilan.”

He also pronounced people from opposite walks of life have been protesting opposite Tamil Nadu for a gratification of bad farmers. “To many, it’s misleading who we are protesting for. We are not protesting for a advantages of abounding farmers with hundreds of acres of land. We are doing it for bad farmers whose provision depends on a plantation furnish they make from a square of land they own,” he added.

“We have to put such farmers a face of this protest. We should uncover to people a problems, agony, vital conditions, and tears of such farmers. Even if a politicians in Karnataka don’t know their pain, a bad farmers in that state will understand. And it will strengthen a protest.”

On Sterlite issue, Rajinikanth said, “Nature and a God are one. Nature is done adult of 5 elements; water, earth, space, fire, and air. And a tellurian physique is done adult of 4 of these elements. If we spoil any one of them, it will lead to a drop of a universe and tellurian race. We should not concede anything that pollutes, water, earth, and air. Even if it generates hundreds of crores of income for a supervision or creates thousands of jobs for a people, we should not give place for such schemes.”

He added, “The people who run such industries and factories will be means to make a lot of income though they won’t have assent of mind.”

He also remarkable that he was not totally opposite a industries. He suggested that he will be fine with industries that don’t bluster a reserve of a environment.

The Kaala star pronounced it was a not a good thought to reason Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in Tamil Nadu, during a time when a whole state was protesting for Cauvery. “It is an annoyance to consider of IPL during a benefaction conditions in a state. At slightest a members of a Chennai Super Kings should wear a black armband during matches to demonstrate oneness with a protesting groups,” he said.

When Rajinikanth was asked to share his thoughts on Kamal Haasan’s comments about either he will conflict him if he takes adult ‘spiritual politics’, a 67-years-old luminary said, “I won’t conflict Kamal Haasan. He is not my enemy. Poverty, corruption, unemployment, tears of a bad and farmers are my enemies.”

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