Raj Arjun: Before Secret Superstar we was like a beggar

Raj Arjun, Secret Superstar, Raj Arjun Secret Superstar, Secret Superstar filmRaj Arjun, Secret Superstar, Raj Arjun Secret Superstar, Secret Superstar film Raj Arjun played a purpose of Zaira Wasim’s father in Aamir Khan’s latest film, ‘Secret Superstar’.

Character artist Raj Arjun says a consistent onslaught in a initial days of his behaving career was to make certain that filmmakers and audiences recognize him. Raj, who has worked in films like ‘Raees’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’, was recently seen in Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Superstar’.

In an talk to PTI, he says, “I can contend it was a counsel pierce (to be partial of large films) to get footage. (But a fact is) we was not in a conditions to choose. Before ‘Secret Superstar’ we was like a beggar. we was usually called for a job, we was doing it and going home. “Till ‘Secret Superstar’ happened, it was usually a quarrel within myself to infer my existence as an actor, to acquire some income and all. In that routine whatever we was offering we was doing it.”

Raj considers “Secret Superstar” and “Shabri” as his best works compartment date. “… we wish to do something that hits me inside. And ‘Secret Superstar’ is a usually film that overwhelmed me. “‘Shabri’ was one of a good works and ‘Secret Superstar’ is a best work. we am happy to be partial of all a films that we did though we couldn’t perform most in them. we was underneath pressure, be it from myself or story or calm was not assisting me out,” a actor says.

For Raj, a categorical criteria to do a film is that it should hold his heart. “(Now) we wish to do films where we can contend something by my work, irrespective of either it is with a large actor or not. we am not tempted to be seen all a time. we wish to work with good people, where we can get a height to contend something. we would not do a film where we don’t supplement on anything.”

In Advait Chandan-directed ‘Secret Superstar’, Raj played a purpose of Zaira Wasim’s character’s father. “For this film it was an evident approbation when we got an offer from Aamir Khan’s prolongation house. we was looking for good work and this (film) came in, we consider we was unfailing to do it,” he says. At a moment, Raj has no films in hand, though a actor is not disturbed as for him usually peculiarity matters.

“I feel there is a shortcoming that we need to do good work. we wish good work comes to me, there are really few offers that are good in nature,” he says.

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