Quintuplets Mom Questions Whether Husband ‘Really’ Got a Vasectomy on TLC’s OutDaughtered

Babies, babies and even some-more babies!

TLC’s family-focused existence shows are behind — and PEOPLE can exclusively exhibit a superteases for OutDaughtered and Rattled, both of that are returning to a network subsequent month.

In a above teaser for deteriorate 3 of OutDaughteredAdam and Danielle Busby are bustling sophistry their fast flourishing all-female quintuplets with big-girl beds, potty training and pre-school subdivision appearing on a horizon.

“The quints unequivocally are a lot of fun during this age,” says Danielle.

“People see them as ideal small angels,” adds Adam. “But we consider we’ve got some small devils.”

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But amidst all a diaper drama, there’s another component that might change a Busby dynamics forever.

“I haven’t had my duration yet,” Danielle mentions in one scene.

“Seriously, like, how late are you?” asks Adam. “You should know that.”

“I don’t have to know it anymore!” she fires back, doubt because he’s “making such a large understanding out of it.”

Then it hits her. “You didn’t unequivocally get a vasectomy?” she asks.

FIRST LOOK: Season 3 of Rattled

Rattled, meanwhile, will lapse to paint a vehement design of a trials and tribulations of new relatives training to juggle all from relations to finances.

This season’s 10 one-hour episodes will follow 5 new and returning couples as they learn how to live as relatives — and partners.

The special two-hour deteriorate premiere of OutDaughtered airs Tuesday, Jul 10 during 8 p.m. ET on TLC, immediately followed by a deteriorate premiere of Rattled during 10 p.m. ET.