Quebec Judge Says ‘Overweight’ Sexual Assault Accuser Was Possibly ‘Flattered’ By Attention

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According to CBC News, behind in May, Judge Jean-Paul Braun (not pictured) told an purported passionate conflict plant — who was 17 during a time of a occurrence — she was “a bit overweight, though she has a flattering face” and that she might have been “flattered” by a conflict since “it is maybe a initial time that he is meddlesome in her.”

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Taxi motorist Carlo Figaro was found guilty of a 2015 occurrence where he was indicted of forcibly kissing and beating a girl’s face, as good as touching her breasts and genitals over her clothes. Figaro has nonetheless to be sentenced, and is now appealing a decision.

Fast brazen to Wednesday, Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée called a comments “unacceptable,” and skeleton to record a censure opposite Braun.

According to audio recordings of a trial, Jean-Paul commented on a girl’s despotic eremite upbringing, and pragmatic she might have enjoyed removing courtesy from a motorist who “looks good,” “doesn’t seem his age,” “has good manners,” and “likes to wear cologne.”

He also pronounced that removing agree for a lick is opposite than removing agree for a boundary grab.

Absolutely disturbing…

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