‘Quantico’ Boss on Female President’s "Glass Ceiling" Speech, Trump’s Immigration Ban

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Monday’s partial of Quantico, “ZRTORCH.”]

Quantico‘s female boss finished her entrance on Monday night with a debate invoking Hillary Clinton’s debate and overwhelming detriment in a Nov U.S. election.

“Men don’t like to acknowledge potion ceilings exist since they are a potion ceiling,” explains Madam President Clair Haas (Marcia Cross) of entering a Oval Office by default after a former boss stepped down. “It’s not removing a pursuit that’s going to change a approach Americans feel about women, it’s what we do with it.”

President Haas has been called on to launch an atmosphere strike on a warrant conditions that has kept heading lady Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) bustling for a first-half of a deteriorate on a ABC apprehension drama. After divulgence her purpose in a arrangement of a militant organisation behind a attack, Haas tells FBI representative Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy) since she has no choice though to follow by with a strike: “If we don’t, I’ll be viewed as weak.”

The rudimentary stage was shot 5 days after Election Day and was a “very romantic method to shoot,” according to Quantico showrunner Joshua Safran, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter Monday after spending his weekend protesting President Donald Trump’s immigration and transport anathema during Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

When he returned to a show’s New York City writers room, a arriving storylines on a bulletin — including a competition to stop a Muslim registry and a introduction of a impression he describes as “Quantico‘s chronicle of Steve Bannon” — took on a opposite meaning, identical to Haas’ speech.

“Nobody unequivocally wants to be presaging these times,” he says. Watch a debate and review THR‘s full discuss with Safran below.

What was it like to film President Haas’ debate so tighten to a formula of a election?

The stage was ostensible to be filmed one day after a election, though we had usually found out a uncover was relocating to Mondays so we had to pierce things around. It was unequivocally romantic for them to fire a whole method that day. We altered one line, frankly, we didn’t unequivocally do most else. Marcia and we sat together a day after Election Day and talked about that stage extensively and what it meant and what it meant for Claire relocating forward.

Could we suppose carrying to fire it Nov. 9, a day of Clinton’s benefaction speech?

Marcia attended her speech. It was still severe to fire 5 days later. The star had changed. We didn’t devise for Claire to turn boss since we were anticipating Hillary would turn president. We weren’t indeed restraining it to a genuine star in that way. Last year, we had talked about Claire apropos boss and this was a conditions that got there. She always had lines about had she not been inaugurated she never would have been elected, though suddenly, since of Hillary’s loss, that took on a new resonance. 

Was a “glass ceiling” line a curtsy to Clinton?

Quantico has dealt with a potion roof before. It’s a repeated thesis since all of a energy players are women and it’s a choice that’s critical to myself, a writers and a actors. Last year, when Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) had to leave Quantico she pronounced a chronicle of a same thing to Alex. The disproportion is Miranda was inciting Alex to not let that stop her, and here we are observant President Haas observant it does stop her. With a womanlike characters, it’s always a consistent contention about who is going to concede organisation to mount in their approach and who is going to do all they can to safeguard they won’t.

President Haas ends adult job off a atmosphere strike, proof to Shelby she won’t “act like each masculine boss who came before her.” Will there be repercussions to that daring decision?

Now Pesident Haas is going to compensate a cost for creation that decision, and that’s a joyless thing. It’s not tough to execute a clever womanlike president, and Claire will continue to be one, it’s usually that a knives that are out for her are so most crook than they would be for anyone else. That’s what we’re meddlesome in showing: If there was a together star and Hillary had been elected, it would not have stopped. The arrange of romantic assault toward a lady in that position is not going to go divided usually by inlet of them being inaugurated into that position. Because there is a womanlike boss on Quantico it is an swap universe, though we also consider it sadly is what would have happened.

What was it like protesting in Atlanta after Trump’s transport anathema went into effect?

I was visiting for a day and disturbed we was going to skip a NYC critique since we wouldn’t be means to get to JFK in time. So we was unequivocally beholden we got to join a critique in Atlanta. It was truly pacific and unequivocally beautiful. People were unequivocally drawn together. The slightest of a good thing is that Quantico is a uncover where we can come to a writers room and pronounce about these issues. It’s like organisation therapy.

What was a contention like when we returned to a writers room?

We’re in a center of sharpened an partial about a competition to stop a Muslim registry so it’s been uncanny on set. This morning, we were indeed articulate about an partial that involves a chronicle of Steve Bannon for us. Someone we haven’t introduced yet. We had started articulate about that partial final week and afterwards here we are this morning articulate about it after his appointment [to the National Security Council] over a weekend. As most as we competence all be likeminded in a writers room, we wish a characters to be living, respirating humans with points of view. So it’s cathartic, in a way, to get into a mindset of these people and what they indeed wish from America. You don’t have to determine with them though we still need to try to know them. There’s a impression entrance adult who is for a Muslim registry and is not vilified for that belief. We’re sharpened that partial now, so it was already written.

Sunday’s SAG Awards were unequivocally domestic and actors are confronting critique that it’s not their place to be political. What do we have to contend to that?

It’s everyone’s place to voice their opinions and we consider if we indeed aren’t always out in open representing what we trust in afterwards it can be unequivocally dangerous. we acquire people who share opposite needs. I’m always meddlesome in carrying a conversation, we don’t trust in shutting another side out. But we also consider that usually as unpropitious as branch a deaf ear on somebody who disagrees with we is stealing what we trust and who we mount for. we do consider in light of certain polite liberties being taken away, this is a uncover that unequivocally unequivocally inclusive. It’s about people who are authorised to be who they are and who authorised to have their freedoms and who are fighting for those freedoms, apparently we’re going to wish to contend and twitter things about safeguarding a freedoms for everybody.

How does a Muslim registry storyline together with what’s going on now with a immigration ban?

It’s about a registry instead of a ban, so sadly we wish there were some-more parallels since it’s indeed about a characters racing around to try to stop a vote. There was no opinion with Trump’s ban. we wish there had been and afterwards people would have been means to have had their say, on possibly side. If we put myself in a cast’s boots I’d consider it would be unequivocally engaging for them to run around and try to stop a vote, meaningful in reality, that’s indeed a fiction.

Quantico has tackled several hot-button issues this deteriorate — including torture and immigration — with many of a storylines airing before they turn real-life headlines. How do we conflict when we see your storylines reflecting reality?

The uncover is really some-more sincerely domestic this season. It’s always been domestic in a approach it deals with a tellurian expel of characters, thorough cast, terrorism, supervision workers, there’s politics in a show’s sexuality. But now it’s indeed branch a small bit into a chronicle of The West Wing, a peculiar in that way. Still, it’s going a instruction we’re all feeling, so it feels unequivocally healthy to us. The partial that’s prepping now is about gun control, so we’re attack all a topics. But they’re all related. The micro in a Muslim registry partial is about this registry and since it’s unconstitutional. But a macro is a incomparable tract that also parallels into a behind 9 episodes.

When we worked with a CIA consultants for Quantico‘s torture partial — that saw a agents waterboarding Blair Underwood’s character — could we have illusory Trump would pronounce out to contend he believes woe methods, including those outward authorised bounds, do work?

That was insane. we don’t wish to be a man that says, “Go watch that episode.” But we had those talks afterwards and a problem that’s function now, during slightest for me a thing that’s unequivocally uncomfortable, is that we’re all in a froth and get lulled into a faith that maybe things are changing. Then when a seismic change comes along it can mostly exhibit that zero indeed changed, people usually got still about their positions. When we talked about woe with a consultants, we talked about how maybe this is still going on, though since a word has altered no one is going to contend that it’s still going on. And afterwards demeanour where we are, usually 3 months after from that partial and it’s indeed behind and being talked about on a surface. No one has to censor anymore what they believe. It’s really a realization. we knew that zero was changing as quick as it looked like it was changing, though we still believed that we were all relocating in a right direction.

Given your tellurian cast, will we inspect a ramifications these decisions on immigration and woe can have abroad?

We are looking during what Trump is doing now and — should there be a third deteriorate of a uncover — we’d revisit a benchmarks we overwhelmed along a approach this year and see how attitudes have changed. The characters would have a clever indicate of perspective if they were told they were unexpected authorised to woe again. But usually being given a ability to do so doesn’t meant we would do it. At a moment, we’re bustling with fake news, a Muslim registration and a Bannon.

Monday’s partial suggested a brute militant group, a “AIC,” began as a government-funded black site operation. Now that we know a origin, when will we learn some-more about them?

Claire Haas believed she was doing something anyone in her position would do and believed it was for a larger good, and eventually it wasn’t. The doubt we will see via a deteriorate is either she was indeed duped or either that was legitimate during a time. By a finish of partial 13 we will know everything, including everybody who is in It and how it came to be. You’ll also learn all about how a Citizens’ Liberation Front came adult to arise opposite them. It’s all out on a table. There are no cards left to turnover. Moving into a behind half of a season, there’s no dark agendas or tip traitors in a midst. Quantico is finished with asking, who among we is a terrorist?

How picturesque would it be for a organisation like a AIC to exist underneath Trump’s presidency?

In a show, a AIC exists since they wish to work in a shadows since a open won’t let them. Whereas Trump is saying, “Hey let us do this publicly.” On a uncover it’s, “Let us do this silently.” That’s a disproportion and nonetheless Miranda and a FBI and certain parties on a uncover did not wish that to exist and attempted to move it to a light.

We see Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) lapse as conduct of a AIC, and Owen Hall (Underwood) tells Alex he has zero to do with it. Is he to be believed?

Yes, that is totally true. The subsequent partial is unequivocally most about a romantic fallout of meaningful this about his daughter. Miranda and a FBI believed it was Owen. Now we comprehend it was a Hall, it usually wasn’t Owen.

The deteriorate is still switching from a destiny to a past. When will a uncover combine into a benefaction timeline?

Every partial here on out usually focuses on one partial of a crisis. The subsequent partial focuses usually on a hostages. We wanted to make it reduction treacherous so we usually had to follow one thread during a time. The uncover turns into one timeline median by partial 13 (airing Feb. 20). That partial is a emergence of a new day — everything’s out in a open for a characters.

Quantico front Mondays during 10 p.m. on ABC. What did we consider of tonight’s episode? Tell THR in a comments below.