Qualifying format changes delayed

Formula 1 trainer Bernie Ecclestone

F1 trainer Bernie Ecclestone has been concerned in motorsport given a late 1940s

Formula 1 trainer Bernie Ecclestone says a introduction of a new rejecting subordinate format will be behind until a fifth competition of a season.

He pronounced a program determining a new complement would not be prepared for a start of a deteriorate on 18-20 March.

“My guys who do a timing said: ‘Mr E, we don’t wish to be put in a position since we don’t consider we can get it finished scrupulously in time’,” he said.

He combined a complement “wasn’t my idea” and he wanted a opposite approach.

Ecclestone pronounced a new complement would go ahead, however.

Governing physique a FIA announced on Wednesday that a new subordinate complement had been concluded that would underline a slowest automobile being separated each 90 seconds in 3 knock-out sections of qualifying.

The teams were to spend a subsequent few days creation certain there were no unintended consequences before it was rigourously adopted, though a problems have instead been detected by Ecclestone’s Formula 1 Management company, that handles a timing software.

“It’s not utterly that easy,” Ecclestone, 85, said. “You’ve got all a graphics to go on a screen.

“If you’re going to try and explain it to a open properly, it’s not only a box of ‘OK, a male was a final one, bye-bye’. You can’t only do that.

“We’ll have to understanding with it. I’ve told a FIA this and asked them what they’d like to do with it though a bottom line is there’s not a lot they can do with it since we do all a timekeeping. So, that’s it.”

What was Ecclestone’s elite idea?

The thought behind a new subordinate format is to deliver an component of doubt that could lead to cars subordinate out of position.

But Ecclestone pronounced his strange thought had been for a opposite approach of shuffling a order.

“I don’t wish to hold a stream qualifying, that we consider is good,” he said.

“What I’ve pronounced was, if a male that’s on stick won a final race, for example, we’d have to come adult with some arrange of a format to contend in a finish he starts 10th. And a male who was third in a final competition starts maybe eighth or something like that.

“And afterwards we will find we get a whole confusion of a grid and some of a guys who don’t get as most TV coverage will be adult during a front.

“Because we can pledge a male who’s on stick will still win a competition though it ain’t going to be like stick male disappears and that’s it.”

He pronounced a teams were against to this idea.

“People during a time that don’t wish any change during all thought: ‘Well, Ecclestone’s going to pull by something so we competence as good determine with that rather than have something that is a bit some-more drastic’,” he said.

“Because it could occur that a male on stick doesn’t get by a pack.

“Monaco, Hungary – there’s lots of places where we wouldn’t wish to put your income on a male entrance by a field.”

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