PVR Pictures CEO Kamal Gianchandani: VKAAO has forged out a niche for itself

PVR Pictures CEO Kamal GianchandaniPVR Pictures CEO Kamal Gianchandani VKAAO is a height used for crowdsourcing film events.

VKAAO, a corner try between PVR Pictures and BookMyShow, is an on-demand screening platform. It allows business to emanate their possess screenings including date, time and place. One can also name from screenings that are already available. Rima Das’ Village Rockstars, that is India’s entrance to Oscars 2019, was screened to an overwhelmingly certain response by VKAAO. Indianexpress.com spoke to Kamal Gianchandani, CEO, PVR Pictures, about a VKAAO platform.

Q. What can we tell us about VKKAO? How does it work?

VKAAO is a height used for crowdsourcing film events. You can watch films of your choice during cinemas many accessible to you. Essentially, a approach it functions is that a niche films, or films whose recover has come and gone, or films that need a specialised release… people who wish to watch such films in cinemas can entrance them by VKAAO. So VKAAO is a height that creates it possibly for business to watch films of their choice during a cinema of their choice. This is one function. The second is event-specific. Say, we have a birthday celebration and we wanted to emanate a screening, we can name VKAAO as a height to name a films we wish to play and name a screens we wish to play them on.

Q. Can one emanate a screening for any film or is there a library?

There is a library. You need to name films that are accessible on a VKAAO platform. At this point, we can have entrance to tighten to about 600-650 peculiar films, and we are adding some-more continuously. These are all curated films, films that are delicately selected. The series could have been most some-more — it’s only that we have selected to go with name films.

Q. How many cities have VKAAO so far? Any skeleton for expansion?

VKAAO is accessible for all PVR cinemas. And PVR cinemas are widespread opposite tighten to 55 cities and towns. So it has participation opposite a country.

PVR Pictures CEO Kamal Gianchandani

PVR Pictures CEO Kamal Gianchandani

Q. Are we assured of VKAAO’s success? Is there any competition?

We are intensely assured of VKAAO’s success and committed to a growth. It has been in operation given final Feb and we have been investing time and collateral into a business. In terms of competition, we would contend it is a singular concept. There are one or dual other platforms though zero most to pronounce about. VKAAO has forged out a niche for itself. It is about formulating a new placement platform. we don’t consider foe is a plea during this point.


Q. How was a response for Village Rockstars?

Very, really encouraging. Very positive. We are really happy with a response.

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