Property Brothers’ Drew Scott Sparks Speculation He and Wife Linda Phan Will Be ‘Having Kids Soon’

Is Drew Scott going to be a father soon?

The Property Brothers star, 40, sparked conjecture when he commented on associate HGTV star Joanna Gaines‘ Instagram print over a weekend.

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Gaines’ darling print featured her 6-month-old baby son Crew, who was born in June, rocking a onesie he’s outgrown. “I consider it’s time for a subsequent distance adult #sixmonths,” she captioned a post.

Commenting on a post, Scott wrote, “We’ll be carrying kids shortly so I’ll strike we adult for palm me downs 😁😁.”

Fans went furious in a comments section: “Omg omg omg 😍 I’m excited!” wrote one, while another penned, “Woohoo! Those will be some pleasing palm me downs. Looking brazen to saying Beautiful Linda with a small baby bump!”

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In May, Scott and his mother Linda Phan, 33, married in Italy after several years of dating.

“I’m many looking brazen to spending some-more time together,” Scott told PEOPLE during a time. “We’ve been operative so tough for so long, I’m looking brazen to creation skeleton to settle down and only suffer doing zero once in a while.”

Drew Scott and Linda Phan during their wedding

“We’re vehement to have kids,” a HGTV star continued. “I consider Linda and we will be good parents, and we’re vehement to start that section of a lives.”

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Two of Phan’s sisters have children, that Scott has pronounced is assisting them prepare for small ones of their own.

“We pronounced maybe twins, though because not have octuplets and only get it over with?” Scott told PEOPLE jokingly in August. “[Linda] is a one that is pulling for [twins]. We both wish to have kids, though we’ve talked about carrying two, three, four. we only consider we see what happens, see where it goes, either we have boys or girls.”