Priyanka Chopra Issues An Apology For Her Comments On Sikkim

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is famous for observant all a right things during a right time though it seems like a singer had a tiny bit of a fumble this time around while compelling her latest Sikkimese film Pahuna. She spoke about a film in an talk with ET Canada during a Toronto International Film Festival, and also done some comments about Sikkim – she called it an ‘insurgency strike area’.

Sikkim is a tiny state in a North-east of India that never had a film attention or anyone who done films from a region. This is a initial film ever that’s come out of that region, since it’s really uneasy with rebellion and discouraging situations.

She perceived a lot of slam for her misinformed comments and people called her out for putting out wrong contribution about India on a tellurian platform. PC was discerning to come onward and apologize for it. She released an central matter that said,

It saddens me that a criticism we done during a new talk during TIFF has caused this most pain when that was never a goal during all. we never meant to indicate that Sikkim has insurgency. My matter was in context of a film that deals with people who find retreat after they humour from conflict. Sikkim is a peaceful, immature state with assent amatory people. we know that my statements have harm a sentiments and honour of a people of Sikkim and for that we truly apologise. we have always taken honour as being someone who is sensitive about a universe though this time, some of a statements done were improper and while we should have been improved sensitive about certain facts, we take full shortcoming for what we said. we know now that a film was not a initial Sikkimese film to be made, though a aim has always been to yield internal talent, both actors and technicians, a tellurian height to shine. My group and we have had a smashing knowledge operative in a state and with a internal expel and organisation and are grateful to a support extended by a Government of Sikkim.I know a impact of a statements done and wish that a people and Government of Sikkim find it in their hearts to pardon me.

It’s good of her to come onward and apologise, isn’t it?

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