Priyanka Chopra is best dressed during 2017 Met Gala; trumps Rihanna, Selena Gomez

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Priyanka Chopra, who is famous for her exquisite red runner conform statements, did not defect as she set a temperatures mountainous during a 2017 Met Gala in a confidant Ralph Lauren ditch cloak robe with an unbelievably prolonged train. The red runner eventuality took place during Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 1, where a pleasing thespian acted in magnificence and oomph.

While her dress really seems to have incited a lot of heads for all a right reasons, styled by Cristina Ehrlich, Chopra motionless to keep her demeanour irritable with a disorderly top-knotted hairdo, china sculpted earrings and black boots complimenting a cut robe with a popped collar.

(Source: Reuters)

The thespian sight of her robe got it’s possess limelight, generally when a thespian acted with thespian Nick Jonas and he took additional caring not to step on a train. According to a US Magazine report, a Baywatch thespian widespread out a sight as she acted for shutterbugs and it took several people to assistance her arrange it on a red carpet.

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Love for a desi girl’s clever and irritable choice has been pouring out ever given on amicable media. People desired her choice, describing her demeanour as “stuning and bossy” and “ravishing”.

(Source: Reuters)
(Source: Reuters)

Rihanna came dressed in a brightly colored and patterned fabric on a structured conformation and Selena Gomez’s white sheer sequinned robe from Coach managed to hoard utterly a bit of attention, though Chopra’s ditch cloak robe and a grand sight seems to be a tangible favourite among conform hawkers!

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