Priyanka Chopra during Met Gala: International media loves that Ralph Lauren ditch cloak on her

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If ever there was a doubt that Priyanka Chopra’s not branch into a conform diva on a general stage, afterwards let her coming during a Met Gala put paid to all such nonsense, since a desi lady is murdering it out there.

If there is one name that’s on everyone’s lips after a stars took to a uber select Met Gala red runner afterwards that’s Priyanka Chopra in that stunner of a Ralph Lauren ditch cloak that has got to have a many thespian sight in a story of a event. And a Quantico singer is owning it like a boss.

Her demeanour is extreme and feminine. The popped collar, baring one shoulder display off some décolletage as well, Chopra seemed to channel her middle Victoria Leeds with a don’t-mess-with-me opinion and a cranky with Inspector Gadget. Styled by a shining Cristina Ehrlich, a thespian robe was teamed with matter Jennifer fisher earrings, her hair was finished a tip knot, not to take any courtesy divided from that beautiful neckline.

The really detective-like belted, double-breasted front and thigh-high cut display off black low-calf heeled booties worked wonders for a Baywatch star.

priyanka chopra met gala, priyanka chopra, priyanka chopra met celebration dress, priyanka chopra met celebration images, priyanka chopra images Priyanka Chopra left everybody dumbfounded as she walked a Met Gala 2017 red runner in what appears to be world’s longest ditch coat.

Pati Dubroff did a make-up, that was to simply and smartly element a iconic Ralph Lauren dress, accentuating a high cheekbones and giving her a extreme and irritable look, with that clearly favourite brownish-red mouth colour to supplement that pop.

The general media has left gaga over a actress’ look, hailing her to be a best dressed during a 2017 event, trumping icons like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

Harper’s Bazaar pronounced “Priyanka Chopra wins for a many thespian sight of a Met Gala”, while Elle said, “Priyanka Chopra attended the Met Gala dressed as a voluptuous red runner detective.”

Just Jared ran with a title observant “Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala 2017 Look Is a Fanciest Trench Coat You’ve Ever Seen” and US Magazine was of a opinion that “Priyanka Chopra slayed in a voluptuous ditch cloak robe with a large sight on a 2017Met Gala red carpet”.

Glamour, in a deconstruction of Chopra’s look, said, “Priyanka Chopra, only stepped onto a red runner during a Met Gala 2017 wearing what literally is a longest ditch cloak we’ve ever seen—and gave a whole new definition to a classical open staple. Practical? Meh. But it is extreme as hell.”

“Priyanka was a prophesy as she attended her really initial Met Gala,” pronounced Hollywood Life.

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