Private inner memo leaks from Trump campaign

Last week was a flattering violent one for Donald Trump’s campaign.

And, according to a private request published by The Washington Post Monday, a GOP front-runner’s comparison debate confidant isn’t really gratified with Trump’s critics.

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The inner memo appears to be created by Trump debate comparison confidant Barry Bennett. And it urges debate staffers to omit those who have started to call a debate into question.

The memo reads, in part, “During a week they labeled a ‘Worst Week Ever,’ we increasing a support by over 15 percent. Why is a doubt they can't grasp. America is ill of them. Their stupid attacks only remind electorate since they hatred a Washington Establishment.”

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During that “Worst Week Ever” Bennett mentions there, Trump came underneath glow for his new comments on termination and arch power. And on tip of that, debate manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery for grabbing a reporter.

When asked to criticism on a memo, Bennett told New York Magazine over a phone, “The press is copy a account that a Republican investiture is setting. What’s required — what I’m observant here — is that we can’t let that change how we see ourselves.”

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But Trump himself doesn’t seem too fazed. This is what he had to contend on CBS’s “Face a Nation” Sunday.

“I don’t know that it’s been a misfortune week of my campaign. we consider I’ve had many bad weeks and I’ve had many good weeks. we don’t see this as a misfortune week in my campaign,” Trump said.

Trump hopes to rebound behind in Wisconsin, where both he and Ted Cruz have been campaigning tough forward of Tuesday’s primary.

A new check of expected Wisconsin voters puts Trump behind Cruz.