Prince Harry Admits He Always ‘Wanted To Be The Bad Boy’ While In School!

Prince Harry

While he substantially couldn’t get divided with it, that didn’t stop Prince Harry from wanting to be a “bad boy” flourishing up!

The 31-year-old stately visited a Ottery Youth Center in Cape Town, South Africa on Monday where he introduced himself as Queen Elizabeth‘s grandson and Princess Diana‘s son — and confessed he didn’t adore attending a highly-regarded Eton boys’ boarding school:

“I didn’t suffer propagandize during all. we would like to have come to a place like this. When we was during school, we wanted to be a bad boy.”

LOLz! We would adore to hear some-more about these bad boys ways…

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The desirable king — who was visiting a core to inspire a immature kids not to stoop to counterpart vigour and squad impasse — couldn’t miss an opportunity to provoke his comparison bro Prince William:

“If you’ve got an comparison hermit that’s not into gangs, that’s a outrageous positive. Older brothers are presumably a cold ones. I’m a younger brother, though I’m most cooler than my comparison brother.”

One kid named Lucky even attested to just how cold Harry was, revelation reporters:

“I suspicion [Prince Harry] was going to come here with a lot of bodyguards. But he didn’t – he was a cold guy. My heart felt like we was in heaven.”

That’s awesome. It’s always good to hear stories of high-status celebrities reaching out and mentoring impecunious children around a world.

He might have been a bad boy, though he incited into utterly a good gentlemen — if we ask us!

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