Pretty Little Liars Recap – Ezra Returns, Spencer Suspects Melissa Of Murdering Charlotte: Season 6 Episode 16

Pretty Little Liars Recap - Ezra Returns, Spencer Suspects Melissa Of Murdering Charlotte: Season 6 Episode 16

Pretty Little Liars earnings to ABC Family tonight with an all new Tuesday Feb 16, deteriorate 6 Episode 16 called “Where Somebody Waits For Me,” and we have your summation and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, a law about a Liars’ personal lives starts to emerge as discoveries are done about Charlotte’s murder; Spencer (Troian Bellisario) learns her mother’s stealing a secret; Aria (Lucy Hale) confesses to Liam about Ezra’s (Ian Harding) book.

On a final episode, Team Sparia reunited to hunt for justification that Sara Harvey was behind a threats; Caleb and Hanna done a devise to quarrel behind opposite a new stalker regulating a security-footage tapes; Aria perceived astonishing news from her family; and Ali comforted Emily. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it, we have a full and minute recap right here for you.

On tonight’s part as per a ABC Family synopsis, “while new discoveries are done in a review of Charlotte’s murder, a law starts to emerge about a Liars’ personal lives. Spencer is endangered to learn her mom is gripping a tip of her own.

Aria confesses to Liam how deeply she’s concerned with Ezra’s book. Ali admits that she and Elliott are some-more than only friends. Mona reveals where her loyal allegiances lie. Caleb, Spencer and Hanna understanding with a complications of new relationships. Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna any accept intolerable threats that rouse a earnest of a situation.”

The deteriorate 6 part 16 of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is going to be unequivocally sparkling and we’ll be recapping it for we right here.

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Tonight’s part of Pretty Little Liars kicks off with Hanna in bed with her fiancé Jordan – they are staying during a cheesy hotel with a heart made bed and leopard imitation sheets for Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile behind in Rosewood, Aria and Spencer are in a groundwork of a Radley hotel – they climbed down a ladder that they found in Sara Harvey’s closet.

Aria and Spencer find what looks like ancient apparatus that was used for experiments on a Radley patients – they follow a corridor that was walled off and it leads to a tip doorway that goes outside. That explains how Sara was unctuous in and out of her hotel room though anyone ever meaningful that she was leaving. Spencer rushes home and tells Caleb all about Sara Harvey’s closet and a groundwork and a tip passageway.

Caleb has news of his own, he tells Spencer that he found something on Yvonne’s phone – Yvonne’s mom’s debate was doing investigate on a Hastings family and Yvonne has copies of her medical annals on her phone. Spencer says that they are aged – she had a breast cancer shock years ago. Caleb says it wasn’t years ago, a medical annals are antiquated 8 months ago, Veronica has been gripping it a secret.

Detective Tanner is assembly with Alison and Dr. Rollins about Charlotte’s murder – she says that they are operative on a murder arms and are certain she was pounded and strike in a behind of a conduct before she was pushed off a roof. Tanner asks Alison if she has ever listened of grill called “The Two Crows.” Someone called a DiLaurentis residence from a Two Crows grill and someone answered a phone and talked to them for 3 minutes. It wasn’t Alison and it wasn’t Rollins – that means it was Charlotte.

Emily meets adult with Spencer and Aria – Emily is freaking out about a note she got melancholy her eggs if she doesn’t give adult a killer. Emily still swears that Sara Harvey was during a flood clinic. She is going behind currently to check and creates certain that all is fine with her eggs. Aria offers to tab along though Emily wants to go by herself. Aria runs in to Ezra’s hermit Liam during a Brew – he tells her that they need to about Ezra and his book.

Emily arrives during a medical core and there is a pointer on a doorway observant that they are sealed – a helper comes to a doorway and tells Emily that they had an collision final night and their apparatus malfunctioned, they mislaid all of a eggs that they donated and a garland of other peoples’ eggs. Emily is upset, a helper excuses herself to make some some-more calls and mangle a news to their patients.

Hanna wakes adult during a cheesy hotel and has dozens of messages from a other liars on her phone. She gets out of bed and Jordan says that someone left a breakfast tray for them outward of a door. Hanna says that she isn’t inspired and they need to get behind to Rosewood ASAP. She opens a note and it says “Honeymoon is Over – Poor Jordie.”

Emily and Spencer compensate Alison a revisit – they confirm to come purify and tell her about a new “A” and a texts that they have received. Alison says that whoever is texting them doesn’t have their contribution true given Tanner says that a murder arms wasn’t a golfclub, it was a vale square of metal.

Hanna and Jordan get behind to Rosewood – Emily fills Hanna in on her eggs being stolen. Hanna doesn’t know because they are being worried again. Emily explains that “A” wants to know who killed Charlotte – and they are a 4 people who wanted Charlotte passed a most.

Spencer pays Mona a visit, she asks her because she had Yvonne incidentally leave her phone during a restaurant. Spencer knows that Mona wanted her to find a phone, Mona warns her that Yvonne’s Mom’s debate is going to trickle Veronica’s medical records. Mona apologizes to Spencer, she had no thought that Spencer didn’t know her possess mom was sick.

Liam wants to see a subsequent section of Ezra’s book – Aria hands over a pages and paces while he reads it. Liam is on to Aria, he can tell that she has been essay a book and not Ezra. He final to know where he is and because Aria is essay a book for him. Liam agrees to keep Aria’s tip from their trainer – though he tells her that Ezra improved lapse and collect adult a essay fast.

Spencer heads home, she wants Caleb to undo Veronica’s files from a opponent’s debate files. Caleb refuses – that would be violation too many laws and he is not perplexing to go to jail. He tells Spencer that her mom needs to get forward of it and recover a story herself. While Spencer and Caleb are articulate he gets a content summary from Hanna and hides it from Spencer – she wants Caleb to accommodate her for a drink.

Caleb meets adult with Hanna and gives her a peptalk – he reassures her that she is clever adequate to take on a new “A”, she survived it before. After their chat, Caleb leaves and Hanna has a flashback to when they were in New York together and their attribute began to unravel. Caleb was miserable and buried with work – and he hated being dragged to all of Hanna’s imagination work parties with uppity designers. When Caleb is withdrawal a hotel he bumps in to Mona in a conveyor – he threatens her and tells her that if she is “screwing with Spencer he will rip her apart.”

Detective Tanner corners Emily and interjection her for staying in Rosewood to assistance with their investigation. Emily gets snarky and Tanner tells her that she isn’t enjoying being there any some-more than she is and a earlier everybody cooperates and they solve a murder, everybody can go home.

Alison and Spencer have a heart to heart – Alison reveals that she has been “involved” with Charlotte’s alloy Rollins. And, she is sleepy of gripping it a secret, given it is so unethical. After her speak with Spencer, Alison heads home and tells Rollins that she is sleepy of stealing their attribute and being his secret. She wants them to go open – and go on dates together.

Hanna and Aria conduct behind to a hotel and in to a tip corridor – they consider that Emily’s eggs competence be dark down there. They hear someone down in a groundwork and follow them down – Emily grabs a girl, though it’s only Emily. Apparently, she is looking for her eggs too. They give adult their hunt and conduct behind upstairs and have a splash – Emily comes to terms with a fact that her eggs are left and she is not removing them back.

Aria is operative late during night during Ezra’s unit and he shows up. Aria jumps adult and tries to apologize to him for accusing him of murdering Charlotte. Ezra reveals that he ran in to her relatives and they asked him not to tell her that they were removing behind together. Ezra know because she jumped to a end and he apologizes to Aria for freaking out on her and withdrawal city though notice. It gets improved – Ezra wrote a chapters he due a publisher while he was away, he has no thought that Aria already sent in chapters sanctimonious to be him.

At Spencer’s house, she is picking adult and goes to pierce her sister’s suitcare. But, a hoop is broken, she whispers to Caleb that a hoop that is blank is “long, hollow, and rectangle during a end” – only like a murder arms that Tanner described.