President Obama to skip Justice Scalia’s funeral

Obama Will Not Attend Scalia Funeral

President Barack Obama will not attend Justice Antonin Scalia’s wake Saturday, a White House confirmed.

Instead, a boss will compensate his respects on Friday, when Scalia’s physique lies in repose in a Great Hall of a Supreme Court building. Vice President Joe Biden will attend Scalia’s wake during a Basilica of a National Shrine of a Immaculate Conception, a White House pronounced Wednesday during a press briefing.

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When pulpy for construction on Obama blank a funeral, White House press secretary Josh Earnest steady that “the boss will compensate his respects during a Supreme Court on Friday and he’ll be assimilated with a initial lady when he does that.”

When asked possibly Obama’s Saturday skeleton embody golfing, Earnest stressed instead that a boss believes it is critical to respect Scalia’s life and service.

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Four out of a past 7 funerals for a Supreme Court probity have possibly had a boss or clamp boss in attendance.

Former President George W. Bush attended a wake for Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

Former President Bill Clinton attended a funerals for former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Justice William Brennan though did not attend a funerals for Justices Harry Blackmun or Lewis F. Powell Jr.

Former Vice President Al Gore attended a wake for Justice Thurgood Marshall.

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