President-Elect Donald Trump Just Openly Praised Vladimir Putin On Twitter, So Ya Know… Freak Out Now?

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Has it strike ya yet, people?

If you’ve been gripping adult with politics as opposite to a The Kardashians recently, afterwards you’re substantially wakeful there’s a lot going on in D.C. right now!

On Thursday, President Barack Obama released sanctions opposite Russia for their proven interference with a election, that resulted in 35 Russian diplomats removing kicked out of a country.

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At first, President-elect Donald Trump stayed suspiciously neutral on a subject — usually observant we should “move on to bigger and improved things,” whatever that means…

However, after a Russian Embassy’s official response was to twitter a picture of a verbatim “Lame Duck,” we’re starting to consider Donald was only a minute bit involved.

But if that didn’t sell it, this certain will: He only praised Vladimir Putin on Twitter!!!

The male imprisons domestic opponents and private his country’s leisure of a press. Now we see where Trump gets his impulse we guess.

And nonetheless those who voted for him don’t seem disturbed in a slightest…

Let’s only wish President Obama can get as most finished as he can before a coronation (of doom)!!!

[Image around IPA/WENN and CBS.]

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