Pregnant Katie Lowes Has ‘No Idea’ What Gender Her Son ‘Will Identify As’: we Just Want a ‘Healthy and Happy’ Baby


Katie Lowes‘ baby on a approach is entrance into a family of open hearts and minds.

The pregnant Scandal star acted for Fit Pregnancy and Baby‘s Oct cover, chatting with a repository about her hopes and umbrella adore for her son.

“My father [fellow actor Adam Shapiro] and we are aware, of course, that a son will be innate with masculine parts. But we have no suspicion what he will brand as or what his passionate course will be,” explains Lowes, 35, who plays Quinn on a domestic play — a impression who is also pregnant.

“I wish, now some-more than ever, to usually greatfully let my son be healthy and happy and safe,” she adds. “That’s all that matters.”

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Fit Pregnancy and Baby

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As distant as a birth plan, a first-time mom-to-be is gripping an open mind — though she will be job in a small additional support.

“I wanted a doula because it’s my initial baby and we wish to be means to call her when I’m going into labor so she can come over and assistance us go by a early stage,” says Lowes.

“My father and we are both actors; we’re apparently dramatic. So we wish someone who is means to say, ‘This is normal. You’re okay; let’s do another path around a house. Let’s rebound on a ball, let’s travel down a street.’ ”

Fit Pregnancy and Baby

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“That approach we won’t rush to a sanatorium too soon,” she continues. “Then, when I’m strictly freaked out, we’ll conduct to a hospital. But she’ll be there as a disciple and as someone who has left by this many some-more times than we have.”

What about an epidural? Lowes says she’s going to take a preference about that “moment to moment,” explaining, “I could get to a final weeks and we could need a c-section. Am we going to wish drugs? I’ll know when we know. But my doula reminds me that a lot of women have had babies.”

Fit Pregnancy and Baby

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Shapiro astounded his mom with dual cards to exhibit their baby’s sex: one with a adore notation about his fad to turn relatives together, and a other that read, “It’s a boy!”

“In that moment, that usually lasted for a minute, we realized, ‘My gosh, I’m an comparison sister, we take caring of my whole family and devise everything. How is a initial child a boy? That’s not what we know,’ ” Lowes recalls.

“I hadn’t realized, until then, that we always suspicion we would have a lady first. we have a small brother, and we feel really unapproachable of my position in a family,” she explains. “I was raised like crazy, though it was usually my initial greeting and it fast went away. A impulse later, we was great with happiness.”

Fit Pregnancy and Baby

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A self-admitted over-preparer, Lowes says she had “an easy time” removing profound after saying an acupuncturist, who helped her get some-more in hold with her flood — lucky, deliberation a singer indispensable to devise a bit for work.

“For me, carrying a baby was never going to be timed randomly,” she says. “I wanted to have cave while we was on Scandal. Kerry Washington is one of my best friends, and I’ve gotten to watch her go by motherhood.”

“I also have a biggest womanlike trainer in Shonda Rhimes, who is a mom of 3 and a huge disciple for women,” Lowes adds. “I knew if we was advantageous adequate to get profound while operative on a show, we would feel zero though support.”