Pregnant Jordin Sparks Jokes Her Husband and Baby Boy on a Way Might ‘Conspire Against’ Her

Jordin Sparks can’t wait to be a mom, though she’s prepared for her son on a way to be a daddy’s boy.

“I was articulate to [husband Dana Isaiah] a other day [and] we was like, ‘I only have a feeling we guys are gonna collaborate opposite me,’ ” the American Idol alum, 28, jokes to PEOPLE Now.

She adds with a laugh, “I feel like it’s gonna be one of those things where it’s like, ‘Don’t we tell your mom about this.’ And afterwards I’m gonna have to find out a week after about something.”

Sparks, a longtime Operation Smile ambassador, was in New York for her partnership with the “Smile with Lay’s” campaign, that advantages a split mouth and taste charity. She helped launch The Lay’s Smiles Experience — a three-day pop-up in a Big Apple — progressing this week. Starting this month, purchases of specifically designed Lay’s potato chip bags featuring smiles will outcome in a concession for Operation Smile.

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Jordin Sparks on PEOPLE Now

Jordin Sparks and father Dana Isaiah

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Sparks’ examination routine has altered quite a bit given anticipating out she was awaiting — namely, either she joins her indication and fitness-enthusiast father during a gym depends on how she’s feeling on any sold day.

“We would go to a gym maybe 3 or 4 times a week … and afterwards the pregnancy altered everything since we was so tired,” she recalls. “The initial trimester, we slept a whole time. Then a second trimester strike and we had some-more energy, and we do have some-more appetite [now].”

“So there are days when I’m like, ‘Okay, babe, let’s go, let’s get this going, it’ll be great, I’ll go with you,’ ” she continues. “And afterwards there are a lot of days where I’m like, ‘I’ll see we when we get home.’ ”

IT’S A BOY!!! We have so most to be grateful for and this is unequivocally during a tip of a list! @_danaisaiah’s gonna have a small mini me using around! We can’t wait to accommodate him. We adore we lil man! 💙💙💙💙

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Jordin Sparks on PEOPLE Now

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After a whirlwind courtship following their initial assembly in Feb 2017, Sparks and Isaiah tied a tangle in a tip rite on Jul 16, eloping during a Hawaiian getaway with their best friends. They confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE in Nov that they were awaiting their initial child.

But the “No Air” singer wasn’t looking for adore — adore found her. As she explains to PEOPLE Now, “I have so most adore in my life already — my nieces, my family, my friends — that we was only like, ‘You know what? I’m okay. If [a regretful interest] shows up, then it shows up.’ ”

“And afterwards it showed up, and we was not awaiting it,” Sparks continues of father Isaiah, 25. “We were both unequivocally held by warn … The thing that we hear infrequently — ‘When you’re slightest looking for it, that’s when it finds you’ — it indeed did.”