Pregnant Jessie James Decker’s Daughter Prayed for Baby: She Said, ‘Jesus, Please Help Me Have a Brother or Sister’


Jessie James Decker‘s baby on a approach is an answered request — for her daughter!

The country-pop thespian and radio star suggested in an disdainful sit-down with PEOPLE Now that her daughter Vivianne “Vivi” Rose, 3½, had a large partial in a story behind her and Eric Decker‘s third child on a way.

“We knew that we possibly wanted a third [child], though we remember she pulled me aside — one of a friends had a baby, and [Vivianne] is unequivocally tighten with their child already, they’re a same age. … His name’s Henley, and Henley only had a baby sister,” explains Jessie, 29.

“My son, [Eric Thomas II “Bubby”], is 2, so she doesn’t remember him ever being a baby, they’re 17 months apart,” she says. “So she’s like, ‘Mommy, we wish a baby sister like Ellie, we wish a baby sister.’ we was like, ‘Well, if we unequivocally wish a baby hermit or sister, we have to urge to Jesus.’ ”

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“So each night we would hear her going, ‘Jesus, greatfully assistance have a hermit or sister,’ ” Jessie recalls. “She would only pray. And afterwards my mom, who’s super Catholic, pulls out a rosary. So [Vivianne] pulled out a rosary and she’s 3, going, ‘I wish a baby sister!’ ”

The integrate — who star in the E! reality series Eric Jessie: Game On — chronicled their preference to try for another child on an part of a show. And Jessie tells PEOPLE that while she came from a incomparable family, Eric didn’t — and she wanted him to have that knowledge he craved.

“I only felt and feel so over with a dual we didn’t unequivocally consider about it — like, I’m not longing for another child,” she explains. “I only feel like we’ve got it going on with Vivi and Bubby.”

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

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“But we consider since we came from a family of 3 siblings, we know what that’s like, and it was great, and Eric came from a family of only him and his sister,” she continues. “He wants to knowledge that whole large family process, so I’m not gonna take that divided from him.”

Lucky for Jessie, she has an extraordinary parenting teammate in her NFL star husband, 30. “He’s an implausible dad, so if we had this crippled father who was like, ‘I’m not changing a diaper,’ it would never work out, though he is only as hands-on as we am,” she says. “It is totally 50-50. We do all together.”

“And he picks adult a tardy if I’ve had a unequivocally burdensome day, so it’s like, because not have another baby with this man?” adds Jessie, who only expelled her second studio manuscript Southern Girl City Lights.

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

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The spouses of 4 years are stoked to enhance their brood, though one thing a mom-to-be isn’t looking brazen to? Sacrificing that changed shut-eye.

“I’m one of those people that can't duty on small sleep,” she admits. “My father can have a energy snooze and survive. He’s fine. Me? we have to have that 8 [to] 9 hours, or only forget about it.”

As distant as what she’s many looking brazen to, Jessie says it’s breastfeeding again. “I unequivocally suffer that … it’s a special bond, and we consider it’s so important,” she says. “I did it with both [my kids] for we feel like a prolonged time for a operative mom, 7 [to] 8 months with both of them, and we feel like I’m gonna try to go even longer this time.”

Eric and we are so vehement to share with y’all that we are awaiting baby Decker series 3! As we can see Viv is so happy and Bub doesn’t utterly know what’s going on 😂 though we are over a moon and feel so sanctified and can’t wait to accommodate this small one finish of impetus ❤️

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Jessie says they already know a sex of a baby and have motionless on a name, though are gripping silent for now. In fact, they waited a while even to spill a beans to their daughter.

“I knew [Vivi] would tell a world,” says a soon-to-be mom of 3 of watchful to exhibit a news. “We did a whole thing where we put balloons in a box and let a kids open it. They were unequivocally excited. … we told Vivi a name, so now she pulls adult my shirt and says a name and kisses my belly.”

“So we go to her propagandize to collect her adult and a teachers come out and are like, ‘We listened about small so-and-so … she prays for it each day during lunch,’ ” Jessie shares. “The whole category knows, a teachers know, a faculty, a principal. I’m like, ‘Oh my Lord, you’re gonna tell everyone, girl.’ “