Pregnant Eva Longoria Reveals She Is ‘Nervous’ But ‘Excited’ About Giving Birth

Eva Longoria is now counting down a days until she gets to accommodate her initial child but, as her due date quick approaches, she reveals her nerves are flourishing alongside her baby boy.

The actress, who is expecting a son with husband José “Pepe” Antonio Bastón, tells PEOPLE she is a small impressed with emotion.

“[I’m] vehement though nervous,” she says. “Nervous, excited, emotional.”

The star, 43, will have lots of support when a day comes, as she tells PEOPLE all her family will be during a hospital.

“They won’t be in a smoothness room though they’ll be there,” she says.

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Eva Longoria was upheld by Felicity Huffman, Anna Faris, Ricky Martin

On Monday, she was surrounded by her Hollywood family as she was respected with a star on a Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She was assimilated by former Desperate Housewives costar Felicity Huffman as good as Ricky Martin.

While holding photographs in front of her star, Longoria was reunited with Huffman, 55, and Desperate Housewives creator, Marc Cherry.

“I would adore a reunion!” Longoria tells PEOPLE about a probable reboot of a strike ABC series. “I always desired Gaby Solis, we skip being in her skin.”

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Huffman brought Longoria to tears while she sat onstage during a intense debate about a entrepreneur’s many gifts.

“Here’s since Eva is extraordinary,” Huffman said. “Not since she has imagination friends and has sleepovers during Victoria Beckham’s residence and swings from a candelabrum during 3 a.m. Not since she’s lifted over $40 million for charity. Not since she’s an actress, director, producer, a philanthropist… though since she is kind, and since she is hopeful.”

“She is kind to everybody and she is carefree for a world,” she continued, “And in these times where cynicism is confused for wisdom, clarity and reason, Eva stands with her feet resolutely planted in courage, faith and compassion.”

Before her ceremony, Longoria common her fad on Instagram, with a print from Hollywood Boulevard.

“What a dream come loyal today! Receiving my star on a Walk of Fame is an respect we can’t even trust I’m going to experience! Can’t wait to join all a legends and even some-more so, can’t wait for all of y’all to go and revisit it! ⭐⭐⭐,” she wrote in a caption.

Among Longoria’s A-list guest were best crony Beckham (who designed her marriage dress), Overboard costars Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris, Melanie Griffith, William H. Macy and Mario Lopez.