Poster Boys executive Shreyas Talpade: we don’t trust in success and disaster of prior films

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Sunny and Bobby Deol might have not had a blockbuster in new times, though executive of their arriving film Poster Boys, Shreyas Talpade says success and failures do not impact his casting decisions. Sunny’s final few films such as Ghayal Returns and we Love New York unsuccessful to make an impact during a box office, while Bobby has been divided from a china shade for utterly some time now. “I don’t trust in success and disaster of prior films. If we consider a actor is suitable for a impression and we have illusory him for a role, afterwards we know it will work. “There are always ups and downs when it comes to a box office. So, instead of focusing on this phase, we was focused on creation a good film,” Shreyas tells PTI.

Poster Boys, that sees Shreyas branch director, is a story of 3 group who find their faces on a vasectomy poster. The film deals with a theme that is mostly deliberate a amicable taboo, though Shreyas says Sunny and Bobby were not wavering to take adult a project. “Both Sunny and Bobby were intensely happy about a film. There was not a smallest spirit of doubt or perplexity in their mind when they listened a subject. They straightforwardly concluded to be a partial of it.” The actor-director, 41, says he always had Deol brothers in his mind for a Hindi reconstitute of Poster Boyz. “I had someone like Sunny in my mind for a film. We wanted to uncover a chairman who has a picture of a macho man. “Bobby’s impression is uninformed in this film and no one has seen him personification such a role. we know him given prolonged time and we know a impression will be some-more suitable for him. He has worked tough for it,” Shreyas adds.

The actor says shortly after a Marathi film Poster Boyz released, that he had produced, attention insiders suggested he should reconstitute a film in Hindi. “The Marathi film was successful and people favourite it.So it would have been foolish to change anything. Only gripping Sunny and Bobby’s picture in mind, we have altered a characters a small bit, though differently a crux of a story and screenplay are same,” he says. The film is set to recover this Friday.

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