Post Malone’s Fans Desperately Want The Queer Eye Guys To Make Him Over: ‘They Just Think I’m Ugly & Smell Lol’

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Post Malone‘s fans consider it’s time he seeks veteran help.

In a now deleted tweet, a fan asked Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown if a rapper could get a makeover on a show.

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Apparently, it wasn’t a initial time fans done that request, as a life recommendation consultant replied:

No, he didn’t!

But he has a good thought because fans are requesting one on his behalf. Malone tweeted in response:

LOLz! Awwww.

The fan who sent a strange twitter wanted a 23-year-old performer to know she didn’t consider he was “ugly,” though only wanted him to strech his “full potential”:

But Brown was already on that, giving a rapper a most indispensable certainty boost in reply. He wrote:

Others afterwards chimed in singing Malone’s praises, including Brown’s costar Jonathan Van Ness and even Netflix‘s central Twitter account:

Malone might never get expertly neat by a Queer Eye guys, though during slightest they still showered him with compliments.

[Image around Instagram/YouTube.]

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