Positive memories might infer effective in treating mental health problems

Savouring certain feelings can boost mood. (Photo: Thinkstock) Savouring certain feelings can boost mood. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Savouring certain memories and images is expected to beget certain emotions in a tellurian mind and can infer to be effective in treating people with stress or depression, reveals a new research.

A group of researchers from University of Liverpool investigated individuals’ romantic reactions regulating a amicable technique called amicable tolerant affective coping (BMAC) technique — an involvement that aims to bleed certain impact or tension by a use of mental imagery of a certain memory.

“The commentary advise that a BMAC has a intensity to be a unsentimental and effective process for boosting mood among people with specific mental health problems such as stress or depression,” pronounced lead researcher Peter Taylor from University of Liverpool in Britain.

The commentary showed that following a amicable BMAC, a participants showed an boost in feelings of amicable safeness, comfortable certain impact and loose certain affect, while a negativity decreased.

The results, that yield rough support for a efficacy of a amicable BMAC in activating specific forms of emotion, have been minute in a biography Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.

As partial of a investigate 123 participants, recruited online, finished self-report measures of self-attacking (thinking mean, diminishing, insulting, and degrading thoughts about oneself), amicable safeness (feelings of regard and connectedness) and pleasure.

The participants were speedy to rivet all a senses, cruise about a definition of a memory to them, bite a certain feelings they experienced, and cruise a certain feelings in a mind of another before reflecting on a feelings they knowledge as good as what this means to them.

Participants finished state measures of certain and disastrous impact and amicable safeness/pleasure before and after a intervention.