Pink Is The New Colour Of China’s ‘Dead Sea’

A salt lake in China, famous as a country’s ‘Dead Sea’, has incited pinkish on one side, attracting extraordinary visitors to a world’s third largest sodium sulphate internal lake, according to a media report.

The pinkish colour in Yencheng Salt Lake, is due to an algae called dunaliella salina, that changes it from a strange colour, creation it seem immature on one side and pinkish on a other, state-run Xinhua news group reported.

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The lake, located in northern China’s Yuncheng city in Shanxi province, is one of a 3 internal salt lakes with sodium sulfate in a world, covering an area of 132 block kilometres.

The dual-colours have lasted for many years, and a perspective usually disappears in winter when a lake dries up. The lake was also in a news final year, when it incited blood-red since of a same algae.

According to geologists, it was shaped about 50 million years ago. The salt calm in it is identical to that of a Dead Sea, permitting humans to boyant on it, so earning a moniker: ‘China’s Dead Sea’.

Chinese people began creation use of a lake during slightest 4,000 years ago. Today, a lake still produces salt for industrial use, a news said. 

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