Pink Gives Daughter Willow Touching & Empowering Dating Advice After 6-Year-Old Asks About Boys

Pink has some good dating recommendation for her 6-year-old daughter.

The cocktail star, 38, spoke to Cosmopolitan for their Jan 2018 emanate and suggested her daughter Willow already meditative about dating.

“She pronounced to me a other day, ‘How many boys can we have during once?’ And we said, ‘Excuse me?’ we said, ‘Probably nothing of them since they won’t merit you,’” a mom of dual explained.

As for training Willow how to select partners, Pink’s recommendation to her daughter was heartwarming.


“They have to kind, respectful. They have to be chivalrous, they have to be good to their moms,” she told her daughter of what to demeanour for in a partner. “They have to be good looking, they have to be funny.”

The “Beautiful Trauma” thespian also common she is training her daughter to adore herself.

“Another unequivocally critical thing we tell my daughter is it’s unequivocally fun to be uncanny and it’s unequivocally tedious to be normal,” Pink said, adding, “I have a order with Willow that we don’t contend meant things and we don’t contend things we don’t mean.”

Pink and her daughter Willow

While a 6-year-old – who is being lifted in a gender-neutral sourroundings – thinks about dating boys, she has formerly told her mom she hopes to marry a lady one day.

“We are a unequivocally label-less household,’ Pink told a Mirror’s The People. “Last week Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman. we was like: ‘Great, can we learn me how to make African food?’”

“And she’s like: ‘Sure mama, and we are going to live with we while a residence is removing ready.’”

Pink on a cover of Cosmopolitan's Jan 2018 cover

The star shares Willow with husband, Carey Hart. The integrate are also relatives to 11-month-old son Jameson Moon. While lifting dual children might not be easy, that hasn’t stopped a thespian from dedicating time to training her daughter how to mount adult for herself.

“I wish her to pronounce her law and we wish her to practice it now with me so that she can be good during it later,” Pink said. “I consider one of a many useful things to remember in life to be loyal to herself.

Laughing, a thespian added, “She’s already a unequivocally clever small f—er.”