Perez Reviews: An Act Of God

We missed An Act Of God when it played on Broadway final year with Jim Parsons, though we’re additional grateful we were only means to watch a uncover with Sean Hayes during the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles.

The comedy is all we were awaiting – and more!

The set is large for a mostly one male play and a Will Grace alum is even bigger!

Hayes is so magnetic! And a script, created by, David Javerbaum, with so many custom-tailed jokes not only about a actor though about Hollywood and a city of angels too!

There were even jokes about a choosing and Kanye West!

This uncover has been revamped and feels so fresh!

The delight is nonstop, though underneath a amusement are some unequivocally critical truths about humankind and because we do what we do. See, on a aspect a uncover competence seem like it’s about God, though it’s unequivocally about us.

And, if we go see this, we will be entirely entertained!!

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