People: Jennifer Garner confronted Lindsay in NY to remonstrate her to leave Ben

Do we consider Jennifer Garner regrets calling out People Magazine for regulating a fake-ish cover story when she didn’t give them an interview? She positively seems to be regulating them to get out her side of a story now that Ben is stepping out with his new piece. Maybe that was partial of Jen’s prolonged tenure devise though, to expel doubt on People so that we would doubt possibly a stories about her were true. This one has so many sum that it seems like it comes possibly true from Jen or from Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, whom People is sourcing now. People reports that Jen confronted Lindsay in New York, where Lindsay lives, after she found out about her event with Ben in 2015. Lindsay’s central response is a movement of “I don’t know her,” by claiming that she doesn’t have a “relationship” with Jen, though come on. Also, how sore is it to confront a other lady about your husband’s event and not to censure your POS father for cheating? Nothing is ever Ben’s fault. Of march Lindsay didn’t behind down, she was already in it to win it and she eventually did by being adequate of a doormat for Ben over a years. She was a improved doormat than Jen apparently, adequate to be a replacement. So if Lindsay leaked this story she seems even some-more shameless and if Jen leaked it she also sounds desperate. No one wins here, though we still see Ben as a puppet master.

Jennifer Garner confronted Ben Affleck‘s partner Lindsay Shookus in chairman after she found out about their event in 2015, sources tell PEOPLE.

Garner was on a work outing to New York City when she approached Shookus about a fling. “Lindsay refused to behind down or quit a affair,” says a source.

Responds a source tighten to Shookus: “Jennifer and Lindsay do not have any relationship.”

Sources also contend Garner spoke to Shookus’ ex about a affair. After appearing on an part of Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Miller is now a supervising producer, Garner sought him out for a conversation.

The initial source says she showed him content messages between Affleck and Shookus, adding, “she had proof.” (Miller and Shookus were already separate during a time.)

Affleck and Shookus have been spending time together in L.A. given going open with their attribute final week.

[From People]

Do we remember when Garner and Affleck did that bit on SNL together joking about a state of their marriage? That was in May, 2013, a few weeks after Affleck won a Oscar for Best Film for Argo and thanked Garnerfor operative on a matrimony for 10 Christmases.” That was also apparently when he met Lindsay, who had a baby during home with her then-husband. Lindsay did whatever with Ben for a integrate of years, Jen found out and attempted to stop it though afterwards Ben cheated with a nanny and that was strictly a straw that pennyless their marriage’s back. Only Jen kept perplexing to see if things could work, if Ben could change by therapy and dull promises, and Ben was substantially excellent with that since all these women were fighting for him behind a scenes. He had a responsible mom to his kids during home and a sidepieces he rotated in according to his report and needs.

Now we’re being sole this chronicle of Lindsay as a cold chick, a one who was there for Ben in his time of need, as he cheated on Jen, gambled and drank. It’s even ok for him to take Lindsay to Vegas after he went to rehab since of march it is. Of march he’s not stealing anything. This is who he is and Garner was a one covering adult for him, though she’s not doing that anymore. Lindsay is a celebration chick, she’s not going to try to keep adult appearances for Ben. Remember how Ben blamed J.Lo for all his picture problems? Just wait.

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