Pennywise From IT & The Babadook Are TOTALLY Dating Now!

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Aren’t they a cutest couple??

As we reported in June, after Netflix incorrectly labeled The Babadook as an LGBT film, a Internet ran with it and done a storybook poltergeist into a happy icon!

It turns out a beast has a VERY famous boyfriend!

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After a success of It, Twitter has incidentally motionless that Pennywise — a scary-ass jester played by Bill Skarsgård — is also gay, and is dating a hat-wearing creature!

We mean, it totally creates sense! The “Dancing Clown” has a good clarity of style, always wears exquisite makeup, and LOVES to make an entrance!

It’s a no-brainer!

See a best reactions (below)!

[Image around IFC Films/Warner Bros..]

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