Park Geun-hye: South Korea’s ex-leader jailed for 24 years for corruption

In this record print taken on 23 May 2017 South Korean dangling personality Park Geun-hye arrives during a justice in Seoul.Image copyright

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Ms Park was brought to justice in May 2017 shortly after her arrest

South Korea’s former President Park Geun-hye has been condemned to 24 years in jail after she was found guilty of abuse of energy and coercion.

The outcome was promote live and represents a perfection of a liaison that rocked a country, fuelling fury opposite domestic and business elites.

Park, who was also fined 18bn won (£12m, $17m), faced a fibre of crime charges.

The former personality was not in justice on Friday for a verdict.

She has boycotted her hearing hearings and has formerly indicted a courts of being inequitable opposite her. She has also denied all indiscretion and has pronounced she will seductiveness her sentence.

Judge Kim Se-yoon pronounced Park had shown “no pointer of repentance” after causing “massive chaos” in a country.

“We can't assistance though sternly reason her accountable,” a decider said.

South Korea’s presidential residence, a Blue House, released a matter after a outcome job it a “heartbreaking eventuality for a nation”.

“A story that is not remembered is firm to be repeated,” it read.

The pierce by a authorities to concede Friday’s outcome to be promote live was unprecedented, though they cited surprising open seductiveness in a case.

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South Koreans watched as a outcome was promote live

What was she convicted of?

Park was found guilty of 16 out of 18 charges, many of that associated to temptation and coercion.

The justice ruled that she had colluded with her tighten friend, Choi Soon-sil, to vigour conglomerates such as wiring hulk Samsung and sell sequence Lotte to give millions of dollars to foundations run by Choi.

She was also convicted of forcing companies to pointer remunerative deals with firms owned by Choi and present gifts to Choi and her daughter.

In addition, Park was found guilty of leaking devoted presidential papers to Choi.

She has 7 days to record an appeal.

What led to her downfall?

A loyalty lies during a heart of a undoing of South Korea’s initial womanlike president.

Park and Choi were childhood friends and Choi quickly became a leader’s many devoted confidante.

But their attribute latterly came underneath heated open inspection and a assign is that Choi had undue change over a nation’s affairs by her tie with Park.

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Choi (centre) was a longtime crony and confidant to former South Korean President Park Geun-hye

Choi was eventually found guilty of corruption, and condemned to 20 years in jail progressing this year.

After a enlarged array of hearings and months of travel protests job for her resignation, Park was finally private from bureau in Mar 2017, creation her a initial democratically-elected boss to be impeached.

She was arrested shortly afterwards, and has been in apprehension ever since.

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Park’s supporters collected outward a justice in Seoul perfectionist her release

Who else was held adult in this?

Some of a biggest South Korean companies and their leaders have been drawn into a scandal, as good as countless total from a party universe and supervision servants.

Samsung’s de facto personality Lee Jae-yong, also famous as Jay Y Lee, was singled out in sold after sum emerged that he had given a equine to Choi’s daughter Chung Yoo-ra, who is an equestrian.

He was condemned to jail, though usually served 5 months before he was freed, when an appeals justice reduced and dangling his sentence.

Ms Chung has also faced scrutiny, and was extradited from Denmark to South Korea final year to face questioning.

Is this surprising in South Korea?

Park, a country’s initial womanlike leader, was also a initial democratically-elected boss to be impeached.

But she is not a usually former boss to have been arrested for corruption.

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Last month former personality Lee Myung-bak was charged with crime over allegations he took bribes while in office.

Two others, Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae-woo, were convicted for fraud and crime in a 1990s.

In 2009, former boss Roh Moo-hyun killed himself while he was underneath review for corruption.

What does a outcome meant for a country?

Park’s sentencing has drawn a line underneath what has been one of a biggest crime scandals to stone South Korea in new years.

The liaison has combined larger recognition and critique of a longstanding tighten ties between a domestic chosen and chaebols, or family-run conglomerates that browbeat South Korea’s economy.

It has also fuelled a arise of a magnanimous Moon Jae-in, Park’s prior domestic competition who eventually transposed her as boss after campaigning on a height of a purify government.

But South Koreans are divided on a verdict. Several hundred Park supporters collected outward a justice fluttering inhabitant flags during a ruling.

Some sat in tears after a conviction, with others started a criticism march.

“The order of law in this nation is passed today,” pronounced one pro-Park demonstrator.