Paris think detain ‘major blow’ to IS

Media captionWitnesses in Molenbeek contend grenades were dismissed during a military operation in that Salah Abdeslam was prisoner – Damian Grammaticas reports

The constraint of a think in a 2015 Paris attacks is “a vital blow” to a Islamic State (IS) organisation in Europe, France’s interior apportion has said.

Bernard Cazeneuve pronounced confidence army had managed to “incapacitate several people who are clearly intensely dangerous and totally determined”.

France is seeking think Salah Abdeslam’s extradition from Belgium.

He was bleeding and arrested in a thespian raid in Brussels on Friday after 4 months on a run.

Some 130 people were killed and dozens bleeding in mixed attacks in Paris on 13 November. IS pronounced it carried out a shootings and bombings.

Senior confidence officials both in France and Belgium are assembly to consider a situation.

Abdeslam, a 26-year-old French inhabitant innate in Brussels, had lived in a Molenbeek district of a Belgian collateral before a Paris attacks.

He is believed to have returned to Belgium immediately after a attacks, in that his hermit Brahim blew himself up.

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The theme of a large manhunt, Abdeslam was arrested about 500m (1,600ft) from his home.

Another male who was harmed and arrested, Monir Ahmed Alaaj, was also on a wanted list, Belgian prosecutors said.

Media captionExplosion listened during live news report

Three members of a family indicted of harbouring Abdeslam have also been detained.

The raid came after Abdeslam’s fingerprints were found in a prosaic in another Brussels district, that was raided on Tuesday.

Abdeslam was bleeding in a leg as military changed in. Dramatic footage showed him being bundled into a military car after a bombardment of gunfire. Both suspects were liberated from sanatorium on Saturday.

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French President Francois Hollande pronounced Abdeslam’s detain was “an critical moment”.

“The conflict opposite terrorism does not finish tonight, even yet this is a victory,” Mr Hollande told a news discussion on Friday with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

“We contingency locate all those who allowed, organized or facilitated these attacks and we realize that they are a lot some-more countless than we suspicion progressing and had identified,” he said.

Mr Michel pronounced a raid had come after “intense” investigator work and pronounced it was a “very critical outcome in a conflict for democracy”.


Prosecutors pronounced a second wanted male arrested in Molenbeek, Monir Ahmed Alaaj, had trafficked with Abdeslam to Germany final October, where his fingerprints were taken during an temperament check.

A fake Syrian pass in Alaaj’s name and Belgian temperament papers underneath an alias were found in a prosaic in a southern suburb of Forest that was raided on Tuesday.

Abdeslam’s fingerprints were also found in a Forest flat.

One male – identified as Algerian inhabitant Mohamed Belkaid and related to a Paris attacks – was shot passed in Tuesday’s raid.

Officials have identified many of a people they trust to have carried out a assaults.

Most of a suspects possibly died during a attacks or were killed in successive military raids.

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