Pablo Neruda ‘did not die of cancer’, contend experts

Chilean producer Pablo Neruda during a BBC Latin American Service in 1965

Chilean producer Pablo Neruda did not die of prostate cancer, debate experts have said.

The Nobel Laureate was pronounced to have died of cancer in 1973, reduction than dual weeks after a troops manoeuvre led by General Augusto Pinochet.

But his former motorist Manuel Araya maintains he indeed died after being tainted by a tip service.

New tests on Neruda’s stays have now reliable he did not die of cancer, though have nonetheless to exhibit a tangible cause.

Dr Aurelio Luna told a press discussion a experts were “100% convinced” that a genocide certificate “does not simulate a existence of a death”.

The producer was pang from prostate cancer, though it was not life-threatening – heading a 16 general experts to interpretation a third celebration could have presumably been involved.

They will now lift out tests on a venom found in his remains, that were exhumed on a judge’s orders in 2013. It could be adult to a year before a formula are known.

Neruda was a believer and personal crony of Chile’s deposed revolutionary President, Salvador Allende.

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Neruda’s mother Matilde (pictured with a poet) did not trust he had died of cancer

The producer died on 23 Sep 1973, 12 days after a troops manoeuvre and 3 days after he had been offering haven in Mexico.

According to Mr Araya, a day he died he called to contend he had been injected in a stomach while he was asleep, and to come to a sanatorium quickly.

Neruda died that evening, and Mr Araya says he has no doubt what killed him.

“Until a day we die we will not change my story,” Mr Araya told a BBC in 2013.

“Neruda was murdered. They didn’t wish Neruda to leave a nation so they killed him.”