Oscar Prediction Smackdown: Deadline’s Pete Hammond And Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil Talk Front-Runners, BAFTA Results & All Those ‘Room’ Upset Theories

With usually a few days left until polls tighten on Tuesday during 5 PM PT for this year’s Oscar voting, Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil and we take another strike during perplexing to make clarity of a competition now that we have listened from all the vital guild and voting groups — quite final Sunday’s BAFTA results. The Pete Hammond badgeBAFTA outcome favored The Revenant with 5 pivotal wins altogether including Best Picture and Director, following progressing tea leaf-dispensing organizations like a DGA and a Golden Globes that also got behind a film. We go during it in assessing a significance of a BAFTA outcome from a organisation that presumably has about 500 of a same members in common with a Academy of Motion Picture Arts andgold-derby Sciences (but as we indicate out to Tom, how many of them unequivocally voted in BAFTA this year could be a cause in last how predictive they competence be).

We also speak about how a impact of favoured voting for Best Picture during a Oscars could be a game-changer over groups like BAFTA and DGA, that have a loyal up-and-down ballot. And once again, now that a New York Times has assimilated in on a speculation, we chuck out my theories on how a small film like Room could come in and dissapoint a whole thing if a loyal separate among a front-runners occurs.

Watch the latest Oscar Prediction Smackdown above. Enjoy!