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Appointments for online therapy have doubled in a past dual years in England to around 14,000 a month.

Although that usually accounts for 4% of NHS mental health treatments, a series of people selecting to go digital is growing, according to total seen by BBC Radio 5 live.

Katy Goodwin, 32, from Bridlington, has told Newsbeat since online therapy was a best choice for her.

“I suspicion I’d give it a go since we are an online enlightenment now,” she says.

“A lot of my friendships and even my attribute with my father is articulate online.”

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Katy lives with her father and her two-year-old daughter Amelie in Bridlington, a coastal city nearby Scarborough in a East Riding of Yorkshire.

She was diagnosed with post-natal basin after a birth of her daughter.

“The symptoms mostly only impersonate what we would feel in pregnancy or after you’ve had a baby,” she told Newsbeat.

Katy and her father with their daughter Amelie

“So tiredness, crying, recklessness [and] worry.”

But she says she realised it was some-more than baby blues when she started to have suicidal thoughts.

“This was all consuming, not only daily. This was kind of second to second,” she says.

Critics of regulating online services to provide mental health have questioned how effective a use is, suggesting it’s slicing corners when it comes to mental health.

But Katie told us how, of all a options she was offered, a coherence and stoicism of going digital was many appealing to her.

“I was offering a track of remedy first, that we consider is a fanciful height to get yourself behind on an even kilter.

“I knew that for me, that didn’t feel like a long-term solution. It can be for some, and that’s wonderful, though it wasn’t a right march for me.”

Katy and her daughter, Amelie

She also attempted face to face therapy, though found she elite a stretch we get when articulate to someone online.

The NHS has a possess secure networks and forums where we can pronounce to therapists, take online courses and get support from counterpart groups.

“Initially we book your appointment and a specific time, as we would with any unchanging therapies,” she says.

“And afterwards we record in and it’s a follower service. So it’s present messaging behind and fourth.

“And we only speak by what’s going on – they roughly gave me task in a form of coping strategies.

“You get a book of what you’ve said, that is good since infrequently – generally if your romantic – we know we can’t always remember what I’ve said.”

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