One Direction Is Pretty Much Dunzo…

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The finish of an era…

Although Liam Payne pronounced a month ago that he feels One Direction‘s reunion is “going to occur soon,” a financial news performed by The Sun suggests otherwise.

According to a document, a foursome done over $7 million final year (around $20K a day) due to record, merchandise, and debate sales.

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However, a British rope has no new skeleton to make money, that flattering most means they’re substantially NEVER going to get behind together! The paperwork said:

“Going forward, no new income streams are anticipated… Current and projected income is from existent residual agreements.”

When 1D fans listened a harmful news, they voiced their feelings regulating a #1DisStillTheBiggestBoyBand hashtag on Twitter, and even began fighting with fans of renouned K-pop organisation BTS!

Can’t we all only get along??

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