OMG! Watch Justin Bieber Get Crushed Into The Boards At The NHL’s Celebrity All-Star Game!

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Sucks to be Justin Bieber!!

The star thespian took partial in a Celebrity All-Star eventuality for a NHL‘s All Star Weekend that’s been going on a final few days in Los Angeles, and during a game, he got to know Chris Pronger.

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Chris Pronger, distinct Bieber, is an NHL timber — he now plays for a Arizona Coyotes and he doesn’t disaster around on a ice.

And so when Pronger got a possibility to vanquish a Biebs into a play out on a ice… well, we have to see what happened for yourself (below)!!!


Too great!!

The pic that was snapped of a accurate impulse of impact is even improved (below):


Poor Biebs…

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It’s not all bad for him, nonetheless — he did measure a idea (an empty-netter) in a luminary game, and it looks like he had a good day (below):

Not a bad night during all!

Congrats, Justin — well, solely for a whole Pronger-into-the-boards thing!!


[Image around WENN.]

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