Ohio Woman Gives Birth to Son While Allegedly Overdosing on Heroin in Burger King Bathroom

A baby child was detected inside a toilet of a Burger King after his mom was found apparently overdosing on heroin.

The woman, identified by military as 26-year-old Elizabeth D. Sanders, allegedly wandered into a lavatory of a quick food grill and reportedly gave birth to her son in one of a stalls, according to The Chillicothe Gazette.

A manager went into a restroom to check on Sanders after she’d been in there for “an extended period,” according to a military news performed by a Miami Herald.

Blood lonesome a case when military were called and they allegedly found Sanders sitting on a toilet along with what military trust was a round of heroin on a building beside her, a journal reported.

Sanders allegedly told military officers she had suffered a miscarriage, according to the Herald.

When puncture crew arrived, they looked into a chair to learn a baby baby fibbing face adult in a water. Sanders was asked to stand, and once she did a baby rolled over face down, according to a military news cited in The Chillicothe Gazette.

Sanders’ boyfriend, 26-year-old Zachary Frey, was allegedly found upheld out in a Burger King parking lot sitting in a driver’s chair of a purple Saturn Ion that was still running, a announcement reported.

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According to a military news performed by a outlet, Frey had slurred speech, kept “nodding off” and was drooling as officers attempted to pronounce to him.

He was arrested and charged with handling a car while marred and possession of drug paraphernalia, a journal reported.

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The baby was discovered and taken to a Arena Medical Center where he is recovering, according to a Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sanders was treated during a Adena Medical Center and was arrested on her recover on a prior aver for purported burglary of income from a bartending job, according to a newspaper. She pleaded guilty on Monday to her charges, KTLA reported.