Obama was ‘raised white’

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Ben Carson finished final in South Carolina’s primary on Saturday

Barack Obama was “raised white”, Republican presidential claimant Ben Carson has claimed.

Mr Carson pronounced a boss could not know a African-American knowledge a approach he could.

Mr Obama was innate to a white American mom and a black Kenyan father. Mr Carson’s relatives are African-American.

The comments by Mr Carson – a late neurosurgeon who finished final in South Carolina’s primary – were criticised as “loose talk” by another Republican.

“He’s an ‘African’ American. He was, we know, lifted white,” Mr Carson told a Politico podcast on Tuesday.

“Many of his infirm years were spent in Indonesia. So, for him to, we know, explain that, we know, he identifies with a knowledge of black Americans, we think, is a bit of a stretch.”

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President Obama has not publicly responded to Mr Carson’s comments

Mr Carson, who during one indicate was pulling businessman Donald Trump circuitously a tip of a polls, pronounced he was unapproachable “we pennyless a colour barrier” when Mr Obama was elected.

“But we also recognize that his knowledge and my knowledge are night-and-day different. He didn’t grow adult like we grew adult by any widen of a imagination,” he said.

The 64-year-old finished sixth out of 6 in South Carolina, and has been struggling in a Republican assignment race.

On a Carson debate route – BBC’s Anthony Zurcher, Las Vegas

While Mr Trump’s circuitously convene drew a who’s who of a inhabitant press corp, Mr Carson’s eventuality was mostly ignored.

The Secret Service still stands watch over a proceedings, though a screening of aged retirees with their walkers and synthetic hips seemed a bit absurd.

After a event, however, many of a attendees pronounced a late neurosurgeon had won their support.

“I suspicion his debate was inspiring, judicious and it done sense,” pronounced Marty Glazman. “He had a thought-out plan. we came in with an open mind, though we can overtly contend I’m now a supporter.”

Carson’s debate grinds on

Mr Obama has not publicly responded to Mr Carson’s comments.

But Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who backs Senator Marco Rubio in a Republican race, criticised Mr Carson.

“This is a reason that domestic lax speak by people who are only commencement to do it is always a problem in genuine statesmanship,” Mr Issa told CNN.

“The fact is that Dr Carson is not unequivocally prepared to paint America around a world,” he added.

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