Nurse From Arrest Video Says She Was ‘Bullied’ By Cop — And He Still Has His Job!

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If we haven’t nonetheless seen a video of helper Alex Wubbels being arrested for safeguarding a authorised rights of a patient, we have to insist. It’s frightful yet important.

Now a nurse, who followed a law rightly and was handcuffed, dragged, and thrown in a prohibited patrol automobile for 20 mins for her trouble, is vocalization out.

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In an talk with a Associated Press on Friday, Wubbels said:

“This patrolman bullied me. He bullied me to a pinnacle extreme. And nobody stood in his way.”

While that’s true, thousands have given seen a video of Wubbels being manhandled now. The patrolman in question, Jeff Payne, has been dangling from a blood-draw section (though is gripping his pursuit as a Salt Lake City detective).

The military dialect and even a mayor have apologized to Wubbels. Police Chief Mike Brown pronounced he was “alarmed” by a video while mouthpiece Christina Judd explained that a authorised process was still new, going into outcome in 2016:

“It’s not an excuse. It really doesn’t pardon what happened.”

Judd also says military are perplexing to arrange out what went wrong in a sequence of authority to make certain this doesn’t occur again:

“There’s a clever bond between fire, military and nurses since they all work together to assistance save lives, and this caused an hapless difference that we are anticipating to correct immediately.”

As for Hubbel, her attorney, Karra Porter, says this knowledge has deeply influenced a nurse:

“This has upended her worldview in a way. She only couldn’t trust this could happen.”

That a military officer could be wrong and aroused and get divided with it? It’s horrible, yet sadly it’s distant from unprecedented.

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Hubbel is station by her actions, no matter what happened to her as a result. She says:

“You can’t only take blood if we don’t have a legitimate regard for something to be tested. It is a many personal skill we consider that we can have besides a skin and skeleton and organs.”

We’re unhappy to say, we’ve seen examples of military holding all of those things from trusting people over a past few years.

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