North Korea: US says ‘no daylight’ between allies notwithstanding warmer ties

US Vice-President Pence (R) was seated nearby Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong (L) during a opening ceremonyImage copyright
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North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong was seated nearby Mike Pence during a opening rite of a Games

US Vice-President Mike Pence has pronounced his nation and South Korea are in finish agreement on a need to say vigour on North Korea.

Speaking on his approach home from a Winter Olympics in South Korea, Mr Pence pronounced there was “no daylight” between a dual allies on a issue.

The Games has seen improved ties between a dual Koreas notwithstanding tensions over a North’s chief programme.

But US has distanced itself from a North Korean overtures.

On Saturday North Korean personality Kim Jong-un invited a South’s President, Moon Jae-in, to Pyongyang for talks.

It would be a initial limit in some-more than a decade between Korean leaders. Mr Moon pronounced a Koreas should “make it happen” and speedy a North to lapse to negotiations with a US.

But Pyongyang’s chief programme will hang over any attempts to pierce a countries closer together.

Media captionKim Yo-jong presented President Moon Jae-in with a folder holding a handwritten note from her brother, a personality of North Korea

The US administration has sought to say vigour on North Korea by sanctions and tough tongue from President Donald Trump.

Speaking to reporters during a moody on Saturday, Mr Pence said: “There is no illumination between a United States, a Republic of Korea and Japan on a need to continue to besiege North Korea economically and diplomatically until they desert their chief and ballistic barb programme.”

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The handwritten invitation to President Moon was delivered by Mr Kim’s successful sister, Kim Yo-jong, during a landmark assembly in a presidential house in Seoul, as a Games non-stop on Saturday.

Ms Kim and a North’s rite conduct of state Kim Yong-nam done adult a many comparison commission from a North to revisit a South given a Korean War in a 1950s.

How a pierce could expostulate a crowd between allies

The invitation puts Mr Moon in a formidable position as he had betrothed to rivet with a North, yet his US fan is discreet of Seoul descending for North Korea’s attract offensive.

Despite a open shows of friendliness, experts have warned a underlying tensions have not left away.

At a opening rite for a Games, Mr Pence, Kim Yo-jong and Kim Yong-nam were seated in tighten vicinity to any other.

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Mr Pence stayed seated when South and North Korean athletes marched together underneath a one flag, and also skipped a cooking with a North Korean delegation.

In a tweet, he reasserted a distrustful perspective taken his administration per new accommodating gestures by North Korea.

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Kim’s sister takes a stage

The Winter Olympics has bearing Kim Yo-jong into a spotlight.

The top form member of a North Korean commission to a Games, she is a initial evident member of a North’s statute family to revisit a South given a 1950-1953 Korean war.

Ms Kim, who is yet to be about 30 years old, was promoted to a absolute politburo final year. She is on a US sanctions list over purported links to tellurian rights abuses in North Korea.

Later on Saturday Ms Kim, Kim Yong-nam and Moon Jae-in attended a initial ice hockey compare played by a joint group of athletes from both North and South Korea.

They were beaten by Switzerland 8-0

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Media captionWhat we’ve seen of Kim Yo-jong from North Korean media