Norovirus conflict hits sanatorium wards

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Outpatients should attend appointments as usual, unless they have norovirus symptoms

All wards during a vital London sanatorium have been sealed to visitors due to a norovirus outbreak.

Both staff and patients during a Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington had been struck down by a virus, according to a spokeswoman.

“Quite a number” of wards were affected, she said, and some operations might be postponed.

Visitors will customarily be authorised in “exceptional cases” when a relations is intensely unwell.

Outpatients should attend as usual, she said.

“We are carrying out unchanging low cleans of all wards, and staff are being additional observant around palm soaking and other infection control procedures,” pronounced a hospital’s spokeswoman.

“The conditions is being reviewed regularly.”

Norovirus causes scour and queasiness and customarily lasts dual or 3 days.

The sanatorium has asked visitors to call before visiting.