No One Wants To Play Jimmy Fallon’s Gross Taste Test Game!

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Celebs can’t stop by The Tonight Show these days though personification some arrange of involved game.

But a latest of Jimmy Fallon‘s diversion show-style segments was so off putting, it had a players literally vomiting!

Ashton Kutcher, Liam Payne, and Vanessa Hudgens put their ambience buds to a exam in Wednesday’s diversion of Secret Ingredient — where they had to theory an icky tip part put into Mario Batali‘s signature dishes — though not though a few setbacks.

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The initial turn got off to a severe start: Liam had distant too many utensils and Ashton wasn’t profitable courtesy to a rules. But a diversion usually got worse from there, as Fallon and a That ’70s Show alum were shortly neck-deep in puke buckets!

Just good aged fashioned late night TV? Check out a ill shave (below)!

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