No moody of angels, let army of clowns sing thee to rest: Naseeruddin Shah remembers Kundan Shah

Kundan Shah (1947-2017)

Kundan Shah was frequency individualistic, in fact as a tyro during FTII, he was perceptibly discernible from his dual closest friends Ravi Ojha and Gopal Singh – all 3 bushily bearded, with that sincerely uncomprehending demeanour in a eyes that juvenile filmmakers usually finding Mani Kaul and Bresson have, resplendent by thick horn-rims. we won’t contend that we always approaching him to make something as fast as Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro incited out to be, we didn’t. we never suspected him of carrying a oddball clarity of humour that explodes by that film; we suspicion he’d spin writer – a terylene trousers, bush-shirt and briefcase seemed to go with his personality. He wasn’t each in. a filmmaker, each in. an accountant some-more like. He wasn’t a many desirable male you’ve met, he was obstinate, irascible, testy and impossibly funny.

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I won’t contend we skip him, such a view would usually confuse him and also because, detached from a insanely heated duration of sharpened JBDY, we frequency ever met him. we won’t contend his flitting is a large detriment to a film industry, that has no space for a sensibility like his and no use for a kind of films he wanted to make. If he’d attempted peddling a book of JBDY, he’d have been laughed out of financiers’ offices.

I won’t even contend that as a filmmaker he still had a lot to give. we consider his initial film, done opposite a kind of contingency it was, emptied him completely. His successive work bears testimony to a fact that he no longer had a appetite to follow by all a approach on his off-centre vision, that not many among those who swing a energy to get films done common anyway. They would of march misguidedly try to reinstate his oddity with their commercial-formula wisdom, and finished adult destroying what could have been particular and strange films.

I won’t contend that we enjoyed operative with him, we didn’t. we hated it, though a force of his self-assurance in what he was doing was stronger than my juvenile method-actor fixations. Many were a times we were not tighten to being on a same page and we gave him good grief over non-issues, and what we will contend is he never hold it opposite me, and a love we perceived from him was always unaffected.

What we will also contend is that his was THE usually film, of those done with ignoble budgets during or around that time, in that a promises of remuneration were celebrated – no tiny thing for section hands who afterwards had meagre practice and mouths to feed. Most touching of all was Kundan replacing during his possess responsibility a camera of cave that was filched during a shoot; that volume would have been about as most as my price for a film.

What we will also contend but gift is that of all my films, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro is among my personal favourites, one that we still mostly watch and one that everybody everywhere seems to have seen. Thank we Kundan; no moody of angels, might an army of clowns sing thee to thy rest.

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